The Morning After

I went home – to my apartment as planned. The space wasn’t quite as nice as the one I had been staying in for appearances. But it was the closest thing I had to home. Everything in it was mine, not some pre-furnished shit that came with the place. Needless to say it was sparse, but it had all the things I needed.

I went past my couch and through the kitchen. Stopped to put the leftovers in the fridge. Then I went into the hall that led to the bedrooms and I pushed open my door. I collapsed on the bed and fell into a light sleep. I hadn’t meant to hit the dream plane. I wanted to sleep – a good deep dreamless sleep but that wasn’t happening.

Without the little monster to dream of I spun on into the dream plane. The vast empty void that wasn’t a void. Everyone saw it a little different, mine was a bunch of bubbles floating in the air with connections running every which direction. You could get lost in the tangled mess if you didn’t know how to navigate them. Kish told me hers looked like a giant jigsaw puzzle. Each piece fitting into a pattern to make a larger picture. She told me Solomon’s was like windows into their dreams.

No one had a reason why, only that I saw the connections of people. I could easily see everyone else’s connections but not my own. But I knew how to find them. I hunted for one in particular. He’d been eluding me since I got this job. How could someone not dream – not be on the plane. The bubbles were vaguely place in geographical location. So if I walked the same way I’d come technically I could get back to Pretty Boy’s dreams. But I’d tried that so many times. The whole Apex Unlimited building was like a pillar of bubbles and all of it was shielded tight. As soon as I got close I had the overwhelming desire to puke my guts out. It was off limits.

The only other places I couldn’t enter were vampire dens. And I truly didn’t want to know what vampires dreamt of so I stayed away. Not that I could enter even if I wanted to. Their warding was not an overwhelming desire, their shield hurt, it was painful and Kish said eventually that pain would kill you.

I didn’t know how to get into that building much less to pretty boy, but there had been a time when I didn’t need to. When he’d call and I’d be there.

The painful memories were enough to pull me from my light sleep. And I was more than grateful for a chance to close my eyes and truly just sleep.

Sleep came and my alarm went off at 9am. Why the fuck had I set an alarm? I glanced at my phone and growled to myself. “Fuck!” I had an appointment with Janice.

I crawled out of bed and grabbed a quick shower. I don’t remember what I dreamt about but it left me feeling groggy. The shower was hot and losend up all the tight muscles from a restless sleep. I wished I could remember that dream.

I pulled on a set of Brent’s clothes and sighed as I looked at myself in the mirror. What the fuck was I still doing in this get up? I was regretting the job. But Janice… I sighed. She was going to be a weak spot. Kate was the soft spot and Janice was filling that hole. Fuck!

The kitchen was dark and I opened the fridge and saw the pancakes and fries I’d ordered from last night. Visages of the phone call stung my memory. Poet wanted to know everything so I’d told him everything. No holds barred.

I stared at the boxed goodness and grabbed it from the fridge and tossed it in the garbage. I didn’t deserve to have comfort in the midst of the turmoil I was causing. Much less how I felt. I grabbed a breakfast sandwich from the truck down the street and walked to Janice’s place. We were meeting to go over financials. Not mine – hers. She wanted to put some more funds towards the Children’s hospital as well as other cancer foundations but she wanted to know what I thought. Since I was more than willing to spend my own cash on the charity.

Outside of the dungeon in her apartment it was a nice apartment. She even had her own office space which was her charity foundation home base. Janice even had an assistant. She was a little thing and this was the first time I’d met her. I was never at Janice’s in the morning.

“Mr. Smith. Ms. Pritchard will see you in a few moments, she’s in with Mr. Calendar.” She blushed. I pulled a memory of who Mr. Calendar was and I sighed. Jared was visiting early and apparently wearing next to nothing when he came into the office. Now you could hear their efforts at being discreet but they were failing miserably through the thin door.

I sat down and listened. Not to the faux quiet that the two on the other side of the door, but to the little girl who was sitting at her desk. Her thoughts were innocent and yet she was intrigued by the idea of Janice’s playtime friends. Was Janice missing everything right in front of her?

“Lindsay, right?” I said looking at the small blonde with big green eyes. She smiled at me.

“Yes, Mr. Smith.”

“You can call me Brent, no need to be so formal.” I got up from my chair and sat on the corner of her desk. “You know what they are doing in there?”

She blushed brighter, “I’m not daft, Mr. Smith.”

“Brent.” I smiled and touched her face with the tips of my fingers. “No, I mean what they do in there?” I pointed down the hall.

Her blush grew deeper and she nodded. I grinned and put my fingers under her chin, “Does it turn you on thinking about it. About being tied up and spanked.” I knew she did. I had read it on her mind. “Could you do what you are told without question?”

There was no response from her mouth, but the whole idea appealed to this young girl. “Janice and Jared are not always very attentive to their subs.”

She met my eyes and frowned. “We could teach them what you need.”

“We?” She asked.

“I wouldn’t leave you with them without proper care.” I said with a friendly smile. “I’d make sure they took care of you before I ever let them have a sweet innocent girl like you.”

“I’m not that innocent.” She blushed. I could have asked her what exactly she meant, but I saw it playing out in her head. Lindsay had been to Ooh with her girlfriends. She had taken her last boyfriend there and he fell in love with one of the girls he fucked there.

I smiled at her. “Come with me.” I took her hand and opened the door to Janice’s office.

“Mr. Smith she said….”

We walked into a very unnatural scene. “Janice, can we postpone our meeting, we’ve another detail to discuss.” I said. “We’ll meet you in the playroom.” I didn’t wait for an answer and I pulled along their perfect sub if I could only get them to take care of her. Their track record sucked so far.




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