More Than (Alex)

Tall. Handsome. He clutched my treasure box to his chest. There was nothing
childish about the gesture or the pose he had. Was more like he’d leaned against
the wall and fell asleep and just woke up. I wondered what he looked like in the
real world. I knew what he felt like, but I hadn’t seen an inch of his body.
Just his eyes. Those big brown eyes that were always bright with hidden darkness
– fear, sorrow and something else, but he always had a smile for me.

A bright smile that I was happy to see.

I don’t know why I’d been trying so hard to see him lately. Going to Ward had
been a good thing. He was here now. He believed. But he wouldn’t remember unless
I cut it short. Unless I made him wake. I wanted to feel him beneath me and I
don’t know what possessed me to set a date. Actually I did know – my father’s

I didn’t wait around in the dream. I had felt him go to sleep, this time it was
different though, the pull to him was strong like he was calling me. I guess
maybe he had been if he had the box and was sleeping. He was an adult, he’d come
into the dream. Was that how he really looked?

I was a little nervous when I stepped back into my body. But I had a job to do
so back to it. Lily wasn’t going to take me to her drug dealer if I didn’t play
the game. And I wanted what was in that safe of his.

Despite my job and the lowlife I was trying to get a handle on I was distracted
by the pair of brown eyes that haunted my dreams. I looked forward to sleep for
a change. Not that sleep was ever regular, though my pretty boy was like a

For the next few days I woke him up before he was whisked away from me. I was
still trying to figure out the signs and what the fuck it was that was happening
but it he remembered me more and more each time. He still entered the dream as a
child most days.

I hadn’t expected that distinct tingle of his presence in the dream world
Halloween afternoon. I was just about to go out, probably get stone with Lily’s
guy at his place and hope that I got what I wanted so I could ditch the
wanna-be-rockstars and their perpetual drug habits.

I drifted into a half sleep. I was waiting on a phone call that would set my
evening in motion. When I opened my eyes the room was dark. It was the same room
we were always in. I looked around and saw nothing. Confused I was about to turn
around when I caught him in the corner staring into the mirror. I cleared my
throat and he looked at me. His face was covered with a mask but I could still
make out those brown eyes of his that always smiled when he saw me even if he
was frowning.

He stepped into the light and I nearly did a double take. He was dressed up in a
costume. 18th century victorian outfit with a long sweeping cape, double
breasted suit and a top hat to go with the mask he wore over his eyes. His hair
was streaked with white and he wore bright red lipstick and I swear I could see
fangs poking out of his red lips. He grinned and it only verified my assumption.
“My brothers insisted I take them trick-r-treating and made me get dressed up.”

“Is that what you are wearing?” I asked as I took a step closer. “Pretty much.
The fangs are a little more real here.”

“So you know you are in a dream?”

He shrugged. “I didn’t know if I’d be back tonight to see you.”

“So you called me?”

His grin grew wider. “A little presumptions but yes. I just wanted to see you
before I spent my night with ten year olds.”

I laughed at his plans for the night. “I don’t think my night is any better.” I
smiled at him and took a few steps closer and pulled him against me and pressed
my lips against the bright red lips. He tasted vaguely of strawberries.
“Strawberries?” I whispered as we parted.

He pressed a hard kissed against my check and grinned. “Only here. I have no
plans on kissing anyone tonight.”

“So that’s something you do? Flavored lipstick?” I chuckled.

“Lip gloss when I know I want to make an impression or be devoured.”

“How did you know strawberry was my favorite?”

He shrugged. “I didn’t. But I do now.”

I sighed. “If you remember it in the morning.”

He laughed. “I was hoping you’d wake me up so I’d remember kissing you.”

“Did you now?” I smirked.

He nodded. “I like when you do it, expect the throwing me out of bed, that
actually hurts when I get up from the floor.”

“It knocks you out?” I frowned.

“I sleep on the edge anyway but I start awake and fall off, seems to be just
perfect when you decide that’s your modus operandi for that night.”

“I’m sorry.” I apologized. I didn’t want to hurt him truly.

He grinned. “I don’t mind. I like knowing you are here.”

I smiled then pressed my lips to his again and sucked on his bottom lip. It was
probably the best birthday I’d ever had and I didn’t even have sex with him –
just that flavored kiss.

I moved down his neck to my favorite spot and he groaned as I sucked at it. I
was getting hard and he was grinding his hips against mine. We could probably go
for a quick round but I heard my phone off in the distance and groaned myself.
“I’ll see you round Pretty Boy.” I said as I pressed a kiss to the spot I’d been
worrying and then I bit him hard and pressed him out of the dream. I didn’t want
to leave, but I had a drug dealer to undo and a girl to ditch. God I hoped I
could get that combination tonight.

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