Aug 15, 2015 @ 10:05 AM

I just left my love at security and now I’m sitting in an airport terminal waiting my flight. The problem with being me, well one problem anyway is I hate being late. I have to be early or exactly on time. The latter is very hard to accomplish when the world doesn’t follow my rules. When it was just me I could make my appointments, but when I have to use other people, do other things with other people. I have learned to be early in most things. I need to be early so I have more than an hour before boarding the plane, which is also plenty of time to relax and not freak out about the plane ride about to take. I hate flying. The smells are so powerful. The people are so close. We are so high from the ground. Dae’lin made sure I had an aisle seat. But I wasn’t sure how much that was going to help with so many people around and all the boys we are taking with us.

Right now I’m alone in the terminal. Oh wait, here comes the rest of the team. I expected everyone to sit someplace else. What I didn’t expect was for Nate, my nephew to be with the bunch or for Jason’s nephew to either for that matter, Chris sat across the aisle from me while Dylan sat down next to me. I should pause be social…

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