We took a late lunch. Since we are down one teacher each team stayed together so Dylan and I could help them all. Which meant it took much longer to get through everything. Some of the boys were weak and needed to help their team mates. My little group of boys was doing well. Trent’s team was doing okay and Dylan’s were still bickering – a lot of butting heads. But they did manage to get through everything.

During the wall climb Dylan got a call and said that Mick and Kenny would be here at the end of the day. What that meant we weren’t exactly sure. The boys wanted to go after the therians. But we kept them to the camp area. I did notice Tim sneaking away with another boy. Thankfully it wasn’t Matt. I wondered if Tim has talked someone into being his play thing, or if Tim was the play thing. I went to get up, Tim’s record with me was not good. But Dylan got up and held his hand out for me. “I got it.” He followed the pair out into the woods…

Matt sat down with me, “Tim’s a little whore.”

I laughed. “I’ve been called worse.”

“You did that?” Matt indicated to the way Tim had gone.

“Worse.” I smiled at him.

“Isn’t Sage worried?”

I nodded, “Everyday. I’m worried about it myself.”

He smiled. “You are a smart man. I wish my Dad understood.”

“I wish mine did too.”

“But you …”

“I just met my Dad a few years ago, we are still adjusting. He and Drake get on well. which is helping us. But it’s still not perfect and he doesn’t understand. He still blames me for Nick. And we have a whole history where we don’t get along. We view the world differently.”

Matt nodded. “You view the world different than everyone else.”

I shrugged. “I’m half human. I see the world as different.”

Dylan’s just called everyone into the middle of the camp. I doubt it’s to sing a little song to promote harmony. I think he’s gonna give a speech or tell us what we are doing later. Or maybe it’s hunter related. Anyway, time to get back to work.

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