Tracking is going well. But there isn’t a lot of activity on the ground which is odd. Maybe the prey is wary of us? That mountain lion might be causing more of a ruckus. We could be part of the problem too. Most of the boys are loud when they walk. They haven’t learned the subtle art of stalking their prey yet. They will if they intend to actually kill something tomorrow.

Everyone is getting sick of being hungry. The fishing is going best, but there are still only one or two of the boys who actually can catch anything. Fly fishing boy, and my little engineer are about the only ones who regularly get something. However Chris has found a plethora of edible berries and plants – the farmer in him I guess. He likely will do will with the hunting too. Being as I know Jason’s brother – Chris’ father is an excellent hunter. As in he kills game for food, not hunts supernatural creatures.

One of the boys actually got a picture of the mountain lion we saw. The eyes are too knowing. He followed us around like he was waiting for us to do something stupid. Trent tried to scare it away with a warning shot. It worked for a little while, but it didn’t stay away. It stayed out of view, but the one thing survival never taught me in school was that we have the ability to track by scent. I knew the mountain lion was around though I never saw it. I felt it through the elements and smelled the distinct scent of ‘wet cat’ mixed with the deep forest smell that shouldn’t be in this area of the woods, we had plenty of air and sunlight. But I didn’t mention anything because I wasn’t in charge of the curriculum and I didn’t want to get yelled at.

My day has been too busy to worry about anything other than the boys. Even keeping track of just 5 of them has been tiring. Watching Drake isn’t this hard and he’s just a ball full of energy.

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