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The forest is a wonderful place to learn how to survive in. There are wayward pines, caves, trees large enough to hide in the trunks or in the branches. There is plenty of things to learn, but some of these boys don’t fucking listen. James and John being two of the worst know it alls and wrong too.

Dylan told everyone who was on what team and gave us each a number. He was one, and he has James, Brock, Nate, Carl, and Matt. Trent was two with Phillip, Chris, Timothy, Patrick and John. I got three Jerry, Michael, Larry, Steven and Bob. Of course I got Bob – just fucking great.

Today the boys learn the three basics of survival, shelter, water and fire. Today was rations for breakfast, it’ll be rations for lunch and dinner until we start hunting and gathering. We wll augment on day 4 with flora as the boys learn about the plants that we can eat, and some of their other uses. Then on day 6 will learn to trap and hunt, and from that day forward we eat what the boys can catch and make. So I suspect in these first few days these boys will be eating great afterwards they might be on a self imposed diet.

Shelter was first. Oh. my. God. how stupid are some of these boys. We were teaching how to build a lean to when there was no viable natural shelters around. James and John the two resident snobs refused to get their hands dirty. They wouldn’t touch the fallen limbs. They wouldn’t help build their teams lean to. I was thankful I had neither one of them. I’d probably kill them. And it was a good thing to split them up. Dylan had also split up Nate and Chris, Nate and Patrick as well as Matt and Timothy. He really was good at this. He had the teams chosen beforehand.

Jerry, Michael, Larry, Steven and Bob actually worked really well together considering, all of them but Bob was an outsider, and it made me wonder if their placement with me had been coincidental. Bob was drama queen. But at least he helped. He still fussed over everything, how he was too good to pick up the pine bough, but he was saying it while he was picking up the pine bough, unlike James and John who refused to help.

I suspect once the rest of the boys find out they will be working teams and their grades depend on teamwork they’ll all get on two boys to pull their weight.

Next is water, we are teaching them the signs of water even though Dylan and I know and probably Trent though he’s kinda an idiot if you ask me know exactly where the creek is.

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