Aug 31, 2015 @ 11:35PM 

I was torn.  Torn between going after Nate, who was family by blood, Chris, who was family but choice, or the 5 boys who’d I’d been working so close with?

My decision boiled down to going after the weakest team first.  Which was going to be Trent’s team.  I trusted my boys to work together to get through this the easiest.  They were outsiders, but together they had formed a good team.  And I was going to trust them.  Trust them like they trusted me.

Dylan’s team had Brock.  And Brock for whatever his shortcomings was going to protect those boys because that’s what he did. He wasn’t a linebacker just because he was good at it.  He had the sense to know when he was their only line of defense.  Nate was with him and he had a good head on his shoulders.  Together I hoped they could mount their own defense.  So that left the snob, the suck up, the cheerleader, the video game geek and the farm boy.  I loved Chris, but he wasn’t a fighter.  He didn’t like hunting.  He didn’t like slaughtering animals.  He wasn’t going to be much help.  None of those boys really were.  So I went after them first.

I ran when I could and walked when I couldn’t.  I didn’t stop for lunch.  Hell I hadn’t even stopped for breakfast.  I had to stop to rest though.  It pained me to stop moving, but even I needed to rest and sleep.  Dylan hadn’t caught up.  I wished we had GPS on us too.  I knew where all the boys were.  I was happy to see my little troup moving towards me.  Smart boys!  Dylan’s team was still together, though they were in one spot.  I was hoping they had holed up someplace safe and weren’t dead.  But Trent’s boys were scattered.  I was fairly sure that they were attacked.  Two of the dots on my screen never moved.  The others ran wildly in every direction.  I was still miles from the nearest one but I needed sleep.  I was going to pass out if I didn’t.  So I’m out for a few hours to sleep.  If you pray – pray for the boys.  If not, do whatever it is you do to bring them boys luck!

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