Dylan’s important meeting was not really important.  He wanted to go over the rules of the class that we’d gone over in the beginning.  He reiterated that we were not here to deal with the local supernatural creatures.  As with every Academy training session away from the classroom.

But he wanted to see what the boys came up with in terms of a plan to attack their compound.  I listened.  But I didn’t zip to participate.  Matt tried to sit with me and not participate but I wouldn’t let him.  Dylan could decide to grade upon it so I told him to at least stand with them around the table and the orb of light I’d made as the sun went down.

No one bothered me but I was the first one to hear Michaela coming up behind the crowd at the table.  She was sneaking.  And I only heard her because I was sending my senses wide to watch for them, and weres.

But I didn’t pull down the air wall and she ran face first into it.  She yowled, “Fuck it, Nox I’m going to kill you!”

I stood up and walked around the crowd and smiled at my former handler.  “Hey Mick.”  I grinned at her, “Password?”


I laughed.  “I guess that’s close enough, who’s your friend?  I dropped the wall and reached in front of me and pulled Mick into a hug.  “Been a while.”

“That hurt.”  She punched me in the arm, “That’s for the wall.”  She smiled, “This is Kenny.”  She smiled at Dylan, it was clear they were fond of each other, but beyond that she deferred to me, “Tell me what you got here.”

I pointed at Dylan.  “That’s what he’s doing now.  it’s his show.”

She looked at me and then frowned, “But you are a hunter.  He’s just a teacher, Nox. ”

I shrugged.  “No one’s going to do it my way anyway so why bother?”

“What’s your way?”

“I don’t know, maybe talk to them.”  I sighed.

Michaela nodded then looked at Dylan.  Her frown dropped as she looked back at me.  “Let me hear what he’s got, then I’ll listen to you.”

“Whatever, Mick.  I’ll be over there.”  I smiled and patted her on the back, then I went to my bed roll.

I lay listening to the sounds around me after putting up a wall.  But Michaela must have thought I was asleep because she never came over to talk.  No big deal.  I had sleep to disturb anyway.

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My name is Nox Sétanta. I am first and foremost a fictional character escaped from the mind of my creator AJ. In layman's terms I'm a magic wielding monster hunter born to my human mother and my Venatori father.

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