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Take off was a bitch. It always is. I had put my hands in my kangaroo pouch once we boarded the plane for the first time since leaving Sage at security. Inside the pouch I found a little red dragon. Mushu was supposed to sit on Sage’s mantle piece and collect dust. But my love stuck him in my pocket. It’s not the same as having the stuffed dragon, but I held the small toy in my fist the whole trip up to altitude before I could turn on my music and open up my laptop and start typing again. Sage is the best, again he’s always giving. I have to find a way to repay him.

After Nate had sat down, Trent made Nate vacate his seat and sat down next to me. Trent is one of Aaron’s minions. Lucky me. I should have thught about that before coming on the trip. Trent started out as usual. “So you going to sleep with all the boys?”

Dylan laughed and some of the boys around us bit back their laughter and others hid their fears. I rolled my eyes and answered. “I don’t sleep with teenagers. I have rules.” I got up from my seat and grabbed my small carry on bag. Before I could walk away Dylan grabbed my wrist and smiled up at me.

He turned to Trent and laughed. “Lover boy here has a boyfriend. I’m pretty sure he’s off the market.” He looked up at me with that perfect smile that every girl loved and several guys as well – including myself. “Sit down, Nox. Trent won’t bother you again. Or I’ll get Michaela to beat the shit out of him again.”

I grinned at the boy who’d grown into a decent man and I sat back down. Trent got up and went to another aisle where there were a few boys chatting loudly. Probably some of Aaron’s crowd too. He seemed to keep getting followers even after he’d graduated the Academy. Like he never grew up and never left.

Dylan nodded towards Trent. “You would think they’d grow up sometime.”

I shrugged. “Aaron’s crew never grew up.”

Dylan nodded. “I know. I did though.”

“That’s good to know. No hard feelings then?” I asked him.

He smiled at me. “No. Not anymore. That kiss had a detrimental effect, but only to those girls who found it odd. I did find a girl who didn’t mind.”

I knew he was dating Michaela. Mick and I talked still, she actually asked for help once and awhile. “Mich is a good girl, not much bothers her.”

Dylan laughed. “She liked you too.”

“It was just sex. Nothing serious.”

“For you maybe. For her it could have been more.”

I sighed. “I told Michaela from the beginning….

Dylan put his hand on my arm and nodded. “I know. She knows. It was just a comment.”

Our rows were called and our conversation ended. I was seated with Nate and Chris. And that made it really easy to drift into my own little world here where I could think. Though my hands are a bit shaky still, and the stewards are coming through with drinks and snacks. I think I’ll go for now.

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My name is Nox Sétanta. I am first and foremost a fictional character escaped from the mind of my creator AJ. In layman's terms I'm a magic wielding monster hunter born to my human mother and my Venatori father.

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