The mountain lion finally got bored around 8 pm and left us for the night. I wasn’t going to sleep well. I didn’t like the fact that it had stuck around all day watching us. It wasn’t natural specially after Trent had shot at it.

But that is life. I told Dylan of my concerns. He thought I was crazy. But I napped a little while everyone else ate dinner. Napping was better than full out sleeping at night. I didn’t dream when it was a nap. It was strange really.

But I wasn’t the only one that napped. Beside me curled up on his own bag was Matt. He smiled at me and when everyone else went to bed he sat down next to me on the log by the fire. “You are a hunter right?”

I nodded. “If you think there is something to watch, then someone should believe you.”

I smiled at the boy. “I’m used to people not believing me. Go to sleep Matt, I got this.”

He shook his head. “I don’t sleep well anyway.”

I sighed. “Sorry.”

He moved closer and put his head on my shoulder. “It’s not your fault. I’m really not trying to hit on you like all the others think.”

I chuckled. “I know.” I put my arm around Matt and slide down the log so I could use it to prop against it and pulled him into my arms. He leaned against me and sighed. “You are comforted by touch. I wish someone would have done this for me. Someone not Jason.”

“He cared for you, didn’t he?”

I nodded. “He was everything to me as a kid. My brother, my friend, my family. But Jace is just a kid, he can’t provide the warmth and safety an adult can.”

Matt sighed again. It wasn’t one of relaxing like it had been before, this was more in frustration. “I have all that, why does it come so easy to confide in you? To take comfort in the relative stranger you are.”

I laughed and pressed my lips to the back of his head. “Because I’m offering it to you, and no one else is.” I whispered to him, “Matt, I’ll take care of you. I’m will never be your father, but I’ll be there – no matter what.”

I felt Matt smile against my chest. He mumbled, “I think I might sleep now.”

I hugged him closer and hummed my ascent as I stared into the fire. “I wasn’t going to sleep, but there was no reason Matt couldn’t.

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