We are breaking for lunch. Today is all about capture the flag and paint ball. It’s a group effort, but we are doing a three way war. Sadly, it typically ends up 2 against one. Dylan and Trent’s team have been teaming up against mine. Which has been fine, their teams are learning to work together, but mine, they already do.

First round we lost, my boys aren’t the greatest athletes and it pretty much came down to a can I get away fast enough match. The boys couldn’t.

Second round ended in us getting the flag through sheer dumbassery by the other team. They hadn’t even bothered to hide it because they thought they could just take out the other boys.

We are on lunch now, and the other two teams are eating and goofing around. My boys were planning and drawing in the dirt. Jerry was off alone working on some contraption or another. I wasn’t even sure what he was doing.

Trent was brooding in his tent. He didn’t like the idea of being penned in the walls of air. I didn’t blame him, I didn’t like it much either. But there was a pack of wolves who were likely out to kill us. And until someone died they wouldn’t send any more help.

Dylan and I sat and talked about how to find their camp. I wasn’t sure I wanted to go out there at all. I just wanted them to leave us alone so we didn’t kill them.

Dylan and I would leave at night and head out and look for them. From the lay of the land I had a good feeling about where they were. But after the mountain lion, and the boy in the cave I wasn’t sure we were dealing with pack, but a collective. Collective’s didn’t have pack bonds. They were bound by loyalty, and there could be distention in the ranks. The CCB was a collective. Darwynn Randall was leading another one. This was going to end badly.

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