Today went the same as yesterday.  The strange feeling and everything.  Woke up with the same nightmares, not really worth noting, but Matt woke the rest of the boys up when he woke up and there was little time to actually sit down and write anything here.  Apologies if you were worried love.  All is well.

But tonight, the boys are on their own.  We set up camp with the last dredges of sunlight and then I left.  I left 5 very capable, I hoped, boys in the woods to find their check point.

The good thing though, was that the funny feeling I had, stayed with me while I hiked back in the dark.  I was exhausted, but I needed to get away from the boys, at least a few hours.  So I hiked for about 3 back towards camp.  I got to use my own navigation skills.  But mostly I just followed our tracks back.  The boys were hardly great at hiding their trail.  They were noisy too.

I didn’t even start a fire when I stopped, just pulled out my bedroll, laid it down and stared up at the stars.  I growled when a shadow blocked my view and that’s when I noticed the naked man standing above me with a shit eating grin on his face.  “I could kill you now.”

I smiled up at him.  “You could, but you won’t.”  I said with cheer.  “Though you might want to move, there are some precious jewels well within my reach.”

He chuckled and backed away and I sat up and turned to face him as he squatted down on the ground in front of me.  He didn’t look like he was going to shift, but I knew an Alpha could shift quickly and this was Darwynn Randall, Alpha of these here parts.  My redneck and hillbilly was a little rusty but I chuckled despite the fact Mr. Randall couldn’t hear my thoughts.

I sighed and dug through my backpack and pulled out the large towel.  “It’s distracting having a man naked in front of me.  I might be monogamous, but that’s highly distracting still.”

I tossed the towel to the man in front of me.  He caught it and chuckled as he wrapped it around his midsection, “Better?”

I shrugged.  “I’m less distracted.  Better is relative.  I still don’t know why you are following me.”

“You said we could talk.”

“Yeah.  I did.  You know they called in hunters.”

He nodded. “We’ve got tails on all of them. Even those boys you just left.”

I started to stand up but he held his hand out, “They are under strict orders to just watch and defend themselves.”

“If you hurt those boys, any of them.  I won’t be happy.”

Darwynn smiled at me.  “Is that supposed to scare me?”

I laughed as I said it, “You won’t like me when I’m angry.”  Sage would be so proud.

Darwynn chuckled, “Really?  You went with that?”

I sighed, “Sorry.  My boyfriend likes to quote movies at me.  That’s one of his favorites.”

He arched an eyebrow.  “I guess the hair and make up should have keyed me into such things.  But you aren’t like the others here.  Why?”

“Cause I’m not like all the others here.”  I grinned at him.  “What do you want Darwynn?  Why do you keep killing us?  We hadn’t hunted you for prior transgressions against us.”

“You do so every winter.  Though it’s never an all out hunt, it’s like you all play a game with me.  Every Christmas we have to find a new home.  We are sick of it.”

“So why burn our camp?”

“To let you know we were tired of moving.”

I sighed.  “That makes little sense.  Why not just find a place you know we don’t go?”

He interrupted. “You are every fucking where.  If you aren’t others like us are.  We want nothing to do with your world.  We can’t be human, we don’t even try.  Leave us alone.”

“So killing us makes sense.  You want us to hunt you?”  I asked confused.

“Dead is better than scared.”

“You are delusional.  Fear makes you survive.  It’s fundamental.  We can work something out.”

Darwynn jumped and was on top of me before I could react.  He pinned me to the ground with large hands against my shoulders.  I couldn’t help the panic that flared up.  My heart racing, my power forgotten in the adrenaline that now coursed through my body.  He stared down at me, “You kill us.”

I watched helpless as he lifted one hand above his head and it shifted to a claw.  Long razor like nails formed, the bones in his hand deformed and I heared the sounds of them changing.  My heart raced, the fear fled and I smiled at him, turning to look into his gray eyes.  He was so close I could see the color of his eyes in the dim light of my orb that floated above us.  Some where, some how, I’d found my power without even trying.  “Go ahead.  Kill me.  Carry my head back as some trophy.  They won’t miss me.”  I taunted.  “Or…” I reached up and grabbed him around the neck and pulled him down and pressed my lips to his.

He jumped backwards.  “What the fuck?”

I sat up and grinned at him.  “The best fucking weapon I have against almost anyone is my sexuality.  I’m not shy.  You want to try that again, while you are standing there naked?”  The towel had slipped off when he jumped backwards.  “Or do you want to be a civilized person, and sit down and talk about it.  Or have you been in the woods too long to be civilized?”

He growled and transformed in front of me before he scampered off into the woods.  I didn’t know what that meant… I didn’t know if we would fight, or talk later.  All I knew was right now I needed to release some pent up fear… Hopefully my love is still awake… I ain’t sharing that with the lot of you!

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