Morning came, Nightmares all that jazz. Yeah, I’m sure you’re sick of hearing all about them. They changed little from last night except to inflict the most damage possible to the kids in my head. I woke with a start and my neck hurt, my back ached but despite the fire having gone out after I’d fallen asleep I was warm. Matt still was pressed against my body. Dylan sat down on the other side of me on the log. “You look like shit.”

I grinned up at him. “I feel like shit.” I nudged Matt, “Wake up.”

Matt groaned and stretched and gave Dylan a shit eating grin. Dylan shook his head. “You have a perfectly good bedroll Matt. I’m sure it would have been more comfortable than mister muscle head here.”

I stuck my tongue out at him and sat up now that the extra weight was off my chest. I was surprisingly well rested if achy considering my sleeping position. “I’m gonna stretch and yoga here. You can go ahead.”

Dylan pouted as he got up. “I was getting used to that damned light of yours.”

I produced the glowing orb of light on a faint thread of air and fire so Dylan could see it. “I can hold it out of sight.”

Matt laughed. “Seems people only want to use him.”

I grinned at the boy, but he wasn’t wrong in his assessment. Dylan left me and Matt sitting by the cold fire which I started quickly with a thought.

Matt asked, “Did it happen again?”

I shook my head. “No, the nightmare ramped up but there was no after effect like last night.”

Matt watched me as I went through the yoga motions. “I hope you don’t mind me saying, but damn your boyfriend is lucky.”

I raised an eyebrow at him in question and I could see the blush creeping up his face. “What I mean is you do this, you are flexible, graceful, every inch of you says look at me. He caught you.”

I grinned at him. “I’m the lucky one. Sage grounds me. This is all an act.”

Matt shook his head. “You can’t tell me the yoga, the running, the things you do to keep in shape is an act.”

I relented that fact. “That’s survival. If I ate the way you guys ate, if I didn’t go to the gym, I’d have been bottom of my class instead of top.”

“Phil says that you could have been top of your class but you deliberately got bad grades on your finals so you’d be third in the class instead.”

I laughed a little too loudly, one of the boys closest to us rolled over and covered his head with his pillow. “It’s funny how that is still going around. Yeah, I did. I only got straight A’s because other wise Dae’lin wouldn’t let me train with the elements. She said if my other grades suffered I wouldn’t get to do what I wanted to do – which was to learn how to control the elements. I got one B in some class, I spent the next grading period sitting at a desk reading papers and hunter reports. I never got a B again. Dorian told me I was going to be valedictorian of our class and I freaked out. I went through the math, and figured out how what I needed to get on my final to bring my overall score down just enough to not be first or second. I didn’t need much overall. For each test I calculated what I had to get and I only answered that many questions.”

“A few days later Dorian came to me shaking his head. He said, ‘You didn’t answer the last question on 5 tests, so you didn’t have to give a speech.’ I smiled at him and said yep. Dae’lin couldn’t get mad at me cause I technically still had all A’s. But after years of taking tests in the Academy and all our standard ways of doing things, I learned the pattern, I knew what I could do to get by and instead of choosing an answer I knew was wrong I just didn’t answer it.”

Matt chuckled, “That seems like more work than giving a speech.”

I laughed. “For you maybe. But for me, I hadn’t even given it much thought, it was all patterns. Once I decided what I wanted to do I just saw the answer through those patterns.”

“That must be nice.”

I shrugged. “I don’t understand half of what I know. Math goes over my head, but I see the patterns. Same with physics. The only one that I understand well is chemistry and that’s because it’s all related to how I see the world around me.”

“I know we said I see things like you but I can’t do half that.”

I smiled, “You could if someone showed you how to.”

“Who showed you?” He asked.

“No one. I taught myself. Jace and I worked on theories. Some of them he teaches.”

Matt smiled. “Mr. Hill is an awesome teacher. I wish I could take some more of his classes, but I can’t touch the elements so I can’t even qualify.”

“When we get back, we’ll talk with Dorian and Jace. You let me know which class exactly you want to take and I’ll pull some strings. There are a few classes I think you’d get something out of.”

Matt smiled and nodded, “All right. Thanks. I appreciate it.”

“We have to stick together.”

Matt laughed, “You should teach classes.”

“I suck at teaching.” I said.

“If you say so, Nox. I’ve learned more from just watching you doing things around camp than I have in the three years I’ve been learning about what it means to be Magnus.”

Matt patted my shoulder when he left to go heed the call of nature leaving me to my yoga and my thoughts. And it seemed I had a lot more to think about now.

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My name is Nox Sétanta. I am first and foremost a fictional character escaped from the mind of my creator AJ. In layman's terms I'm a magic wielding monster hunter born to my human mother and my Venatori father.

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