It hadn’t taken long for things to settle with Trent and Dylan and we went about our day as usual. Today was working as a team day 2 which meant the zip line a good rock climb where we all had to work together, and the obstacle course.

No one fell. Though we almost had a splatter from the rock face when one of the anchors didn’t hold Jerry at the end of the line. But we had all be prepared and our ropes were secure and we managed to keep everyone from plummeting to the ground.

If we’d all fallen I would have cheated and used air and earth to save us, but I hadn’t needed to. It was a good day.

We were all drained by the end of it. We were done earlier than the other teams and the boys were all passed out on their bags when Dylan’s team came back They were dirty and tired and none of them even bothered to clean up before they crashed on their own beds.

Dylan and I sat at the fire waiting on Trent’s team. It was late afternoon and we were a little worried. Dylan suggested we go out and look for them. I agreed so I’ll be back.

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