6 hours almost to the nose since I went to sleep.  Typical.  Though I suppose it could have been 4am still like it usually is.  But I guess I was so worn out I was able to sleep past it.

Shortly after I woke up Dylan and Michaela both stumbled into camp.  They were happy, holding hands.  I wondered where Kenny was, he was supposed to be here when I got back but I was so dead to the world I hadn’t noticed.

Mick looked at me and smiled, “You look like shit.”

“I feel like shit.”  I sighed and stood up and started stretching.

Michaela laughed, “Are you trying to tease me, or Dylan?”

I grinned. “Neither, my back hurts from sleeping on the ground.”

“Aww, poor baby.  Too use to your posh apartment in New York.”  Michaela teased.

I asked, “Where’s Kenny?”

Mick’s pretty white smile turned to a frown.  “I though you knew where he was.”

I shook my head. “He wasn’t here when I got here.”

Dylan sighed and Michaela grabbed her flashlight.  The three of us set out to look for Kenny.

Sad thing was, we didn’t have to go far before the rotting stench of meat struck all our noses.  Michaela ran in the direction of the smell and I already knew what we would find.  Darwynn’s warning or words had pretty much told me everyone was slated to die – even the two hunters called in.  I knew that now.  The most dangerous first.

Dylan followed quickly after Michaela.  I found them standing over the rotting remains of a man.  But you couldn’t tell who he was based on his face.  There was nothing left of it.  I tried my best to keep the remnants of my dinner the night before from the ground.  I was thankful I managed, but Dylan didn’t.

Michaela howled, “They will pay for this.”

I frowned.  “They are going to go after us next, they will take the boys out last.”

Michaela glared at me,” How the fuck do you know?”

“That’s what I’d do.”

“And you are so in tune with supernatural creatures.”  Michaela pulled her gun and pointed it at me.  “I should just shoot you now.  This is your fault.”

Dylan was still retching into a bush but he pulled away from it and stepped between me and the gun.  “Mick, he’s only here to help.  I swear.”

“I met with Darwynn.  He followed me out and when I was alone we talked.  He said I was sent her to die.”

Dylan paled.  He fell to the ground.  “You mean they sent us all here to die.”

I nodded. “Yeah, you were expendable. Nate and Chris were expendable.  Matt, Tim, John, James, all were expendable.  All to keep the peace in the Rocky Mountains.”

“I’m only here so Gary can get rid of me.”

Dylan sighed, “So what are we going to do?”

“We have to go get the boys. Bring them home safe.”

Dylan nodded.  “I’ll leave right now. They should be on their return hike now.  Still more than 2 days out, but you think they are okay?”

I shook my head.  “No, I don’t.  Darwynn said he was watching us all.  Including my boys. They were under strict orders only watch and defend themselves.”

“You trust him?”  Dylan asked.

“No more than I trust you.”  I said flatly.

Dylan nodded.  “Then I guess we’ll just have to do this and hope we can do something.”

I nodded.  “Mick…” I looked around and I couldn’t find her.  “Fuck.  Does she know where the camp is?”

Dylan started in that direction.  “I’ll get her, you get the boys.  I’ll catch up as soon as I can.”

I didn’t like the plan.  But really, my priority was the boys.  That’s what I did.  I grabbed my bag and I started out for yet another two day hike into the woods.  I was going to be dead by the time this was over.  Either from exhaustion or at Darwynn’s hands…

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