The biggest part of this trip is to learn to survive on you and your team. First thing to do is learn to survive. Then you have to learn how to trust others. We got the survival parts done, at least the lesson parts. Today we break up into teams and we learn to trust one another. Because of Matt’s issues Dylan swapped him for Bob. Bob was happy because he got to be with James. And Matt was happy to be with the boys he’d started hanging with. All the outsiders were now together – including myself.

Trust games were annoying, but necessary. We’d play the lead around the forest kinda like the whole blind conga line. Individual leaded by the team. There was the trust fall which was not hard, but it was difficult to trust people who thought you might hurt them. And Matt wasn’t going to trust most of the other boys. I didn’t mind that Matt was in my group now, but I felt it odd that Dylan felt the need to put the boy at ease. Oh well what’s done was done and Bob was happier with the other boys too. He didn’t really like me much. We kinda clashed and liked to be the center of attention. We drama queens do after all.

I’m going to wake the boys up early. Matt’s already stretching and stirring next to me. He’s either an early riser or gotten too use to waking up with me. This would jolt the rest of the team, but it was necessary to build trust.

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