Dinner smells absolutely divine. Real food! Granted I’m not big on game meats, but real food, not bits of fish and rabbit with berries. Today the boys learned all about hunting. The ability to shoot a gun was already known as was the crossbow. But this was the prospect of tracking.

They scared away several critters, but Trent the lucky bastard got a shot off at a buck in a timely manner. And it was a clean shot. We had food for a few days now. Though the way these boys ate I don’t know.

We did have a few mishaps out in the woods though. Bob, shot John in the arm with his arrow. Oh. my. God. at the yowling the boy did. And then he proceeded to pummel Bob. Which I stopped, but not until John got a few good licks in. Bob shot John after all, it was fair game. But I didn’t want the boy damaged anymore than he was and John didn’t need to get a taste for being the bully anymore than he already was.

Chris refused to shoot the deer, which is why Trent took the shot. Food was food and we were all starting to feel the strain of fending for ourselves. Though there were emergency rations if necessary, or we could send someone to Boulder HQ which was a day’s hike away. But the boys were learning, and no one was starving yet despite the fact they thought they were.

You could see the strength growing in each of the boys – particularly in those who weren’t physically active on a normal basis. The walking alone, and the diet on top of it was putting their metabolism to work. Matt was noticing. But I was fairly certain none of the other boys were noticing Matt noticing them. We’d both learned how to keep our eyes to ourselves when appropriate. Though I was far more obvious when out of the locker room than Matt was. He was shy. I don’t know why the boy was growing on me, he did remind me of myself. But I think there was more to it than that.

I got side tracked, back to Chris and his refusal. Apparently you don’t kill wild animals. Which I know is not something he learned from his father – his mother on the other hand was not a Hill by birth. So that’s probably where he got it from. She must be a black sheep in the family. I’d only met her once and that was years ago, long before Chris could talk.

The boys will get a lesson in putting away food tonight, even the smell of smoke isn’t going to keep away animals from our kill if we don’t properly store it. But that is for the boys to think about. We might lose our food if no one thinks of it.

Dorian and Sage are still having no luck finding that fifth boy. I’m beginning to wonder if he’s real. Things are getting a bit rowdy, I have to go deal with boys. Food makes them hyper apparently.

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