Well navigation is going well. The boys all took to the compass like fish out of water. Even James and John listened. Getting lost in the woods didn’t appeal to them. But failing shouldn’t appeal either. But hey not everyone was into that sort of thing.

Each of the boys headed off in a different direction and were told to walk an hour out. Straight if they could. So they followed their compass, except trees and rivers and creeks and rocks were going to get in the way. One hour out, they were each given a watch too. No one wanted it, but they would when their cell phones died or they didn’t have tech with them.

Trent, Dylan and I were sitting at camp preparing for our night time lessons. Navigation by the stars was going to prove to be fun. It was going to be a long night. And the boys were going to be exhausted after two straight hours of walking.

You would think that one or two of the boys would stop and just sit for an hour or so then walk back. And you’d be right, but also in each compass and each watch was a GPS tracker. This was activated only in case of emergency, but right now they were active and we watched several of the dots just sat there, they were noted and they would be marked down for the lesson. It sucked but some boys just didn’t care. They would regret it later but that was their problem not mine.

I’m still trying to process what happened this morning. The fact that my head bled for so long made me wonder if it was not just a nightmare. But what was it? Was it a person? Some creature? I couldn’t begin to think what might have been there. And how long this ‘thing’ has been with me.

The boys are starting to trickle back in. Some of them looked a little ragged and frazzled. Matt sat down next to me. “You all right?”

I shrugged. “I don’t know. There is a lot I don’t remember about this morning.”

“You’re all over the place.” Matt said with concern.

“I know. I’m not used to people seeing that. I’m in control, though, I promise.”

Matt nodded. “I see that too. I’ve seen enough out of control anger issues, or when someone’s scared and freaking out. I see the control you exert over the patterns.”

“That’s what Garrett taught me.”

Matt looked around and moved a little closer. “You think he had something to do with this morning?”

I shrugged. “I don’t know. He’s a dream walker. But unless he’s doing it while I’m awake now, this was different.”

“You worried about it?”

I shrugged. “I dunno. I guess going back to therapy is a must now.”

“You gonna go back to Dr. Silverman?”

I closed my eyes and frowned. “Yes. She knows me best and it would be more of a problem to explain myself to someone new.”

Trent called from where he was sitting by the fire. “I think Rocker boy got lost.” Carl Chong was the last to arrive. We gave him another 30 minutes, and now I gotta go look for a lost boy. Just great. A quick lesson to the boys on tracking which we will push tomorrow.

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