Reality TV

There are some things in the world that I just don’t fucking get. I’m an eligible bachelor. Or I was at least one time in my life maybe not ever in story but still I was once upon a time. And I’ve never had the desire to prance around on TV wooing strange women? How the fuck is that reality TV? And yes I get … Continue reading Reality TV

The Friendly Ghost

Casper the Friendly Ghost, the friendliest ghost you’ll ever know. Yeah that’s all the song I know. It’s all AJ remembers from her childhood. I know I’ve talked Ghosts before. I’ve talked about them being a marionette. And I’m actually living with a marionette – Ophelia. (Read all about how I got her.) I’ve not actually explored much about her past. I know her name … Continue reading The Friendly Ghost

Head Case

You all know I’m a head case! Some of you love me for it, others I’m sure I annoy the fuck out of. I know my issues give my beau a headache sometimes. I wonder if a craniotomy or a lobotomy might be in order one day. Yeah let’s brain wash me? “Wait, didn’t the Venatori already do that”, I can hear Alex saying with … Continue reading Head Case

The Daily Spur

AJ decided to do it. Decided to make a word prompt WordPress blog. It’s simple and she’ll likely play with the theme a little bit. Supposedly the word list she’s using has every word in the english language. It’s set to post daily at midnight whatever time the server is set at. No clue, and AJ doesn’t know either. There are several words posted to … Continue reading The Daily Spur

Daily Post

With the daily post gone, I’m kinda lost here. I mean I have AJ posting my rewritten story, but I want to do something that connects with other writers. Has a anyone found a replacement for the daily post? I know that some people are using June’s from 2016. AJ kinda wants to start her own daily post with new prompts but the problem becomes … Continue reading Daily Post