Missing Compatriots

Dumia 21st, 1217

Initiative: 16 + 1 = 17
Shadowfell Despair: 16 + 2 = 18

Alushtas Maskan

DDB | Page


The weather is still cold, but it’s slowly getting warmer with Spring well on its way. The day light hours are as long as those of the night, but the nights are getting shorter. In the Wellsorrow Region, the Shadowfell despair is fading in its cycle. The people of Ashbourne and surrounding areas are feeling happier and it’s easier to shake the despair, and harder to fall under its influence. There is a half moon in the night sky tonight. A red comet will be visible throughout most of the night.

Shadowfell Despair Check: DC 9/15

Miranda came stomping in and ae’Nyx didn’t answer his question. Though Miranda was grumpy and she felt different. A bit darker then when she came. Alushtas just shrugs.

“How do you know all this?” Alushtas asked.

ae’Nyx shrugged. “It came to me in a dream.”

“A dream taught you how to concoct a potion that what?”

“That removes the symptoms of the despair for 8 hours. But that wasn’t the reason, it’s just a side effect.”

“What did you intend it to do?” Alushtas asked as he watched the boy stirring the mixture with a spoon in his meal kit on a small fire on the meal kit lid.

“To help keep the dream away.”

“You said that already.” Alushtas said.

“I’d rather not…” ae’Nyx said.

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For each vote a character receives over the course of this week, they will get that plus their usual initiative roll to see who goes first. You will have 5 chances to vote, one for each post of the week!

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