If I were real!!

Okay, so I lied. We aren’t going to be posting a new story starting Monday!

AJ changed her mind — again. So typical.

But that doesn’t mean we aren’t going to start a new story. We are!

AJ has been all “let’s publish”. And editing and working, and writing, and stuff, yeah it’s been scattered since that started. We’ve changed my main story so many times I can’t even remember where the last story really went. Not rewrites, but adding new elements to the story, starting over. And not really how AJ likes writing.

With this new random table top role playing game vein of writing we’ve started exploring AJ wants to step away from the “chosen one” trope and still let me be magical and modern and normalish but not to perfect my story. The whole let’s publish thing is all about sharing me. And we are already sharing me! Right here — with you!

So AJ’s gonna make an attempt at writing for you, here. My story. Well my new story. The words won’t be perfect. There will be plot holes. There will be typos and grammar mistakes and ya know what? We don’t care.

AJ just wants to share my story with you. So there’ll be a few changes around here. While we examine how best to handle how AJ would like to set things up. And AJ’s gotta actually write down the rules by which we play. Since the backbone of it’s going to be run off of the Cypher System. (Which by the way you can get nearly all of the basic rules for free from there SRD.) Note: we will provide our modifications for the system, and maybe if anyone’s interested there could be a game day or a discord game over time we can play together. It’s a thought.

The stories going forward will be in the vein of ‘Monster of the Week’ type theme. We’ll go out hunting a specific event, and when that event is handled we move on to the next one. I’m not going to be perfumed as savior of the world. Not saying we won’t do that. But that’s not how we are starting. One adventure at a time in a modern world. AJ’s still tossing ideas around about how we can do that.

At present, we live in this world here and now. This technology, this day and age. We didn’t want to deal with Covid in my world, but this new one — I guess we can start. Doesn’t really matter. Our world is overlain with other dimensions/realms/planes, whatever you want to call them, mirrors of ours, but drastically different. We could go magical or science fiction — maybe all of the above reasons are why it happens. Again not really important. (But hey maybe that’s why cellphones all of a sudden went from getting smaller to larger cause some sci-fi plane is leaking into our world — oh the possibilities. Zombie apocalypse world. Hey now things could get fun.)

And these layers leak into our world being the reason why we are hunting monsters. You’ll see a the normal cast of characters I’m sure, most definitively Alex! AJ’s thinking Ant and Ryan will join us as monster hunters as well. The rest we’ll see how they fit into the world and when.

But I think the most fun part is that the city itself will be Living. I don’t mean that it’s a sentient entity necessarily, but it will grow and fluctuate based on what we do. If we need to add in an area it can magically appear out of thin air due to these rifts in space and time and magic. Need a bike shop there’s one over in that district with a good reputation. Need a faction to cause a specific rift to open. Boom we can make it in some other part of the city we haven’t uncovered yet. Maybe this city has ‘fixed’ points that anchor the human mind so even as the roads and buildings change we think it’s how it’s always been. (AJ really likes that idea)

Again we are just now thinking and as we build we’ll share.

I hope to start writing regularly here again. I know I say it every year. And I start out doing okay. But the idea here is to share so that’s what I’ll try to do. Even if it’s not everyday like we want. The goal is to share.

2 thoughts on “If I were real!!

  1. Hope AJ delivers, good luck Nox!

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    1. I’m confident that we will. Sooner rather than later. AJs primary goal right now is to create character sheets for the 4 of us, set our backstories in generalization, and give us our first adventure with some monster to go after. We aren’t going to set up much else. Maybe our homes, but that’s not mandatory to get started. AJ’s got work to do but is thinking about us as she does — its hard to work when there is fun afoot lol.

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