So Camp starts next week. AJ’s planning on Editing for the whole month. We’ve decided that we will share with you starting in July the rewrite of the Power of Succession. It was a short book around 40K when last shared, now it’s about 58K which is better. The story is more fluid and things follow the right path.

The rewrite takes into consideration the fact that the Magical book was stole in the prior book where it was not actually mentioned (one of the fixes AJ needs to make)

This is an important fact going forward.

The other thing it doesn’t take into consideration is the fact that Jace is my bully and Venatori as this was a change AJ is making while she editted the first 3 chapters of the Call of the Dragon.

It still feels weird calling it that. It’s been the Last Phoenix since forever. But it fits better with the third book’s events where I actually rise from the dead!!! instead of the name of the clan. We will probably be changing that clan name. So if you have any suggestions on what a cool Dragon Clan name would be I’m all ears.

So coming July we’ll see book posts. in August we’ll see what I offer you if I offer you anything in addition to the story. My goal is to provide something. So we’ll see.


First things that comes to mind is Johnny Deep’s Captain Sparrow “Stop shooting at my ship!” Or was it stop blowing holes in my ship. Either way cannon.

The second thought was things that were canon in my world that might not actually be known yet.

Did you know Isabel actually remembered her first life and falling in love with Ant. She’s pissed at him because he didn’t recognize her right out of the gate. But in his defense he thought I was his soul mate and he had resigned himself to being alone for my life time. Which now turns out to be a very long time. But that was just another soul connection.

And now that we are souls here is our latest theory on soul energy. Or at least MY soul energy. Energy is neither destroyed or created it only is. It can change forms but split from it’s original form and reused in separate peices equally or unequally.

So the running theory, let me know if I’ve already posted this but it’s kinda a big peice of what’s coming next so it’s on my mind a lot – so it’s possible I’ve already said it once.

Alex and I are soul mates, sharing 1/2 of a soul that was originally together and soul energy is drawn together, the more of it the more powerful the draw – thus you get soul mates.

And we all know Ant, Alex and I share a soul. Which is why Ant was drawn to me and I to him and Alex tolerates vampires – specifically Ant because of that connection. So the triumvirate is 1/3 of a soul energy in each of us.

So that leaves 1/6 of my soul unclaimed (and 1/6 of Alex’s soul). So AJ has this theory that those other size pieces (we are going to split them equally to form a hexad). These six souls form another powerful union if I can find all six. So AJ decided that no matter how much Alex and I fight, we are bound by our entire souls together. He is one of the hexad.

AJ hasn’t decided 100% that Ant is part of it yet. He might be, giving him that extra soul mate draw makes sense. Why he thought the way he did when we met.

So there are 4 other souls to be bound to me. Two of them have already come to me – Alec Moretti, Master Vampire of the Domination Bloodline. Alec came to me freely and willingly because he felt something inside of me. Neither he nor I know about this connection yet, but it is the reason he swore his oath of loyatly to me.

And the second is Darwynn. Who also easily and freely swore his oath to me. That’s vampire and werewolf.

AJ says the other two need to be Venatori and Dragon. AJ’s got all sorts of ideas about who in my life can fill this need. We can introduce new characters, or she can be evil and put in some people we don’t really like…. aka Jace (who is Venatori in the series despite his current human origins in the series – one of the changes coming in the edits. And Margo who is a dragon.

Or do we go off and find two new people to bond with. The search for the two could be fun. It’s actually part of this next arc as this hexad is going to save New York City to some extent.


Editing is a big job. One AJ actually hates doing. We should really buckle down and edit the books.

We have renamed the books. That’s pretty big.

The whole series as a world is called “The Game of Souls”. The premise being that Order and Chaos the two sides of the Umbra are playing a game – whoever can collect the most souls – energy wins. Chaos cheats while Order only intervenes on occasion. My story being one of three occasions Order has stuck his fingers in the pie.

The first four books are part of an arc – The Third Ascendant.

We’ve changed the name of the four books several times. But this is currently what they are titled:

Book 1 – The Call of the Dragon
Book 2 – Taking Back Erebus
Book 3 – The Last Phoenix
Book 4 – The Power of Succession

Now you notice that book 1’s title has moved to the third book. And the biggest reason has to do with what happens in book 3 – I actually rise from the ashes – like a phoenix. The Dragons call me that in book 1, and that happens to be the name of the dragon clan we are hunting. However AJ’s thinking we’ll rename the clan to something else just so there is no confusion to why we moved the title.

And the biggest reason we did it was because of the movie poster AJ had created. It just fit so much more with the premise of the story.

Our next few books set at 4, but we’ll see how that goes is entitled – The Forgotton.

And Book 1 is called Lost in New York. The others really don’t have titles though I think AJ has some tenative ones. * goes to look at the notes *

So there are only three books in this arc at present – there were four but AJ trashed one which we had started but the book wasn’t feeling right. This one is going so much better. So there might be a fourth really depends on how the stories shape up in the long run.

The next two books are The Villian I Am and The New World Order.

And I’ll give you the movie poster again cause it’s not full size in the image I chose today :)


Contest Time

It’s that time of year again where AJ enters the annual Summer Writing Contest at The Write Practice. So I’m going to be a pompous ass and tell you a bit about it.

It’s all about me – of course!

AJ’s taking a different perspective and writing it Third Person PoV so you won’t get my usual rambling – and I’m five so there is that.

But AJ’s looking for beta readers. Sorry Alpha has already been passed – we are on draft two officially, but it’s technically draft three since AJ has already written the scene once before – but this one is a little different.

A few facts change and I like them. A lot.

So if you are interested in reading leave your email in the comments or shoot me an email at and I’ll sent the link on over to you.

It will be posted here after the entry is published with all the other contest entries.

So you will eventually get it here, but right now AJ’s looking for feedback!

Am I a Hero?

Today on AJ’s feed an article by KM Weiland popped up. One of those authors AJ follows for their writing advice. Today’s article was about ten qualities all likable hero’s must possess.

And I of course had to check myself up against those criteria. But I’m eager to hear what my average reader thinks as well. Do I stack up?

The top ten qualities required of a hero:

  1. Action
  2. Morality
  3. Selflessness
  4. Competence
  5. Loved by Others
  6. Bravery
  7. Determination
  8. Relatability (my spell check says this is not a word…)
  9. Wit
  10. Kindness

So I think I do well till we hit 8 and 9. Am I relatable? That’s where I come to you for help? Is my plight relatable? Do you put yourself in my shoes? Or is my world and my dilemmas something you can’t understand. AJ touches on some human issues in places, bullying and homophobia, abuse – probably a few other things but is the reality of my world too much? Is the magic over the top? Do I posses things you can’t get behind. Do I seem contrived and all powerful for the sake of being over powered. If you have a comment one way or the other I’d love to have an active conversation with you about it. AJ too, btw.

And Wit? I don’t think I’m funny. Sure I can come up with a few good lines. But is there wit involved? Again a question for those of you who have actually read my story.

And if you want to read more about those specific qualities and how they apply to heros read the linked article (Here I’ll even link it again.)