My Greatest Fear

So when AJ started writing me I was a pretty cocky guy. I was afraid of nothing. I was the center of attention. My flaws were pretty mundane. But in reality I was kinda two D. AJ had an idea and the first time she wrote me, I surprised her. And every subsequent post I kept on growing. I became larger than life.

AJ started writing fan fiction and that’s when she fell in love with me. I slowly took over as her favorite character, and then she decided to create me a world so she could write me all the time.

And that meant I changed. I became something more. I wasn’t just this character for an RP. I became what I am now. I live and breath in her head. Ask her anything I dare you and ask how I’d respond, she can easily flip into my head.

But in all that building and writing and things, AJ’s learned a lot about character development and what that means for me, and the cast of characters in my books. One of the greatest things AJ ever read was how everyone basically comes down to one of nine basic fears.

At first. I was a #6 – I feared lack of support. Which is true, but that’s not really the fundamental fear behind it all. My mother called me a monster. No one in the Venatori think I’m worth a damn. My biggest fear – that I’m nothing. That I’m precisely what everyone thinks of me. The fear of being insignificant – An Artist.

And all this while AJ was playing with the support. Why I was a control freak. But as I learn more about me through the story, the artist fist a billion times better.

Maybe it’s me evolving through story, but I think it’s more than AJ’s just realizing who I really am.

What’s your greatest fear?

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