What is Creepy?

There are a great many things that AJ does to create a character. One of them is to find a birth date that matches our personalities. Now my birthday was chosen for the First Age based on it being a cusp, and the two signs were closest to being opposites.

But when AJ transferred me into my own world, she’d already decided my personality and didn’t really feel those traits belonged to me so she read some website and found the one that most resembled me.

Now here comes the creepy parts. AJ doesn’t think in terms of okay Nox is a Cancer so he does this this and this, she just writes me. I come that naturally to her. Really, ask her anything about me, or put me in a situation and she can almost immediately tell you how I’d feel, think and/or react to that situation. It’s like I’m her, except I’m not. Never forget I’m just a character in her imagination. Even if I talk here like I’m real.

Okay back to the creepy part, AJ almost always nails the Cancer traits without thinking about it. Some things we’ve never really done the research on we’ll run across while we are looking at something else. It’s cool yet very creepy.

And this is one of those things that is kinda creepy. A website lead us to this article. What is creepy about you according to your sign. Me I’m a doormat. And I use that to my advantage.

You are a bit creepy because you like to be the victim. While it might not be obvious to you, you love letting people walk all over you. You never stand up for yourself and always go through the motions to make things seem worse than they are. It’s like you want people to feel bad for you so that you can get closer to them and when you’re down you always try to use those feelings to your advantage.

And what’s even more creepy is that Alex also nails his zodiac. And AJ did even less research on him. His creep factor:

You come across as creepy from time to time because of the way you react to things. When something bad happens it’s like a fire within you ignites. You don’t just get upset you become repulsed and go out of your way to completely destroy the reason behind that feeling. Depending on what or who you’re going after you can end up really sending off some major ‘creep’ signals.

So that begs the question how much weight should one put into your own zodiac. Can I tell you how often AJ feels that her sign describes her most of the time. I’m fictions, so yeah we can see how I nail it. And astrology is all about our interpretations of things. But there has to be something about it because AJ isn’t fluent with astrology yet she can pretty much write me reacting how the zodiac tells us I should. Do the stars influence us?

5 thoughts on “What is Creepy?

  1. This would so be Mark Caten, the main villain of my Ambrose and Elsie story:
    Your ego makes you super creepy. You think you’re above everyone else and come across as quite narcissistic sometimes. Sure, you are charming and kind but when your true colors show things get nasty. Even in the worst situations, you want all the attention.”

    Just ignore the part about him being kind. Mark Caten is many things. Kind is not one of them. :(

    And can I just say that I love that someone wrote up that whole list of “What makes your sign creepy?” It just makes me happy. :D

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    1. Some people have a lot of things in their hands

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      1. :lol: I wonder how Alex and Nox would react if you told them that they have major creep factors. I can see Nox going down a deep dark spiral of “I’m creepy. Creepy like a monster. I am a monster.” Alex, on the other hand….Hmm. Would he laugh it off or would he be offended? Hmm.

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      2. Yeah is spiral if some said it. Alex dunno be all yeah i know

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