New Year, New Goal

So I fucked up at the end there. I missed three posts at the end of the fucking year. Thanks AJ for blowing my streak. But it’s for a good cause right? AJ having an office, and quiet space and rooms and a kitchen and all that is worth it right?

So again I have another year ahead of me with my continued post a day. I’m going to attempt to give you a new post a day even if I’m telling you a story. There were be likely story posts only on the weekends though – or something pre-posted cause AJ doesn’t have weekend time for me. Stupid House! (not really the house is awesome)

AJ’s attempting to write at least 100 words a day in addition to my daily posts so we’ll see how that all goes. Her ultimate end of year goal is to finish all the rewrites from my PoV. That’s 4 books… so we’ll see. I don’t expect we’ll see all 4 but we can hope.

What are your goals?




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