The Children of Morpheus

AJ’s playing a little with things with the third installment of the arc. It’s a pretty big book in terms of me. But as AJ stalls at work today for today is a Christmas party. And she had a thought while in the car she just remembered to look up.

With a little more reading up on who the Greek God Morpheus is and my beloved Alex. And what he is. AJ’s got this notion that Alex is something important too – not so much a counter to me, but powerful in his own right. Leading me, Alex and Ant to be some sort of triumvirate of power to fight off some unknown evil.

But in this research I think Morpheus’ brother Phobetor is going to end up being my demon in the story. It fits better, if you read the excerpts on them at listverse. But the Children of Phobetor doesn’t sound as good.

So a new name is needed.

  • The Children of Nightmares
  • The Nightmare’s Children

I think I like the second one better. We are open to suggestions. But AJ wants me to remind you that all the titles are revolving around an evolution of sorts.

The Last Phoenix – a cycle of life and rebirth
Darywnn’s Law – the basis for survival of the fittest and evolution
The Children of Morpheus – children
The First Vestige – The first sign of ruin (a first and last – cycle)
The Evolution of Power – evolution is in the title.

Thus the Ascendant Arc (a rise to power or the evolution of a man)

3 thoughts on “The Children of Morpheus

  1. I like the sound of “The Nightmare’s Children”. It has a very creepy, sinister vibe to it. And I love the idea of Alex and Ant being part of a triumvirate of power. It makes me happy, even though I’m sure it will annoy Alex to include Ant in his circle of trust. ;)

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    1. I think that will be changing get soon. AJ is considering posting DL this next week while she’s of work

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      1. I’m looking forward to it. :D

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