Getting Ready

Morning came sooner rather than later.  My alarm went of at 6 but Alex glared at me and quickly silenced it.  “We are on vacation.” 

“Sorry.”  I said as I laid on top of him and nipped at his neck, “Let me make it up to you.”

_Sex or Sleep?_ It wasn’t my thought and I wasn’t sure Alex had projected it at me even as he had already decided by rolling over on top of me and pinning me to the bed.

The strange thought slipped from my mind and there was no room except for Alex in my head.

_I could get used to this._ 

_Me too pretty boy, now shut up._


I rolled out of bed while Alex was still curled up trying to catch his breath.  “I’m gonna get a shower, you want to join me.”

Alex looked at me, “Boy, I can’t even right now.”

I rolled my eyes, “I wasn’t suggesting another round. I know you like it when someone pampers you – washes your hair and all.  I promise I’ll behave.”

Alex looked at the time on his phone and frowned, “It’s too fucking early.”

I grinned, “Suit yourself.”


A shower and cooking breakfast later Alex rolls into the kitchen.  “Smells great.”  He said rubbing his sleep addled eyes.  “I’m going to set that alarm for 8 if you don’t mind.”

I nodded, “Okay.”

Alex’s eyes shot up to meet mine, “Okay?  Just like that?”

“It’s scheduled.  It’ll require yoga first thing and not sex, but yes, I can manage to change my schedule on a whim when it’s not a whim.”

Alex stared at me and then frowned, “You sure?  I was just joking.”

I leaned over the counter and pressed a kiss to his lips, “I’ll be fine.  I’m on vacation.”  I pushed the plate of pancakes, ice-cream and bacon over to Alex and he just smiled at me, “What’s on your agenda for your big bad party?”

“I have to run by the catering place and pick up the food.  Ry said he’d get the decorations.  Mia’s bringing the cake.  Said there was this new place she wanted to try out in the City.  Sage said he’d bring the drinks.  I’m pretty sure he means the soda.  So I’ve gotta stop at the liquor store and fill some of the empty slots in Dorian’s bar.”

“Which you already found?”

Alex beamed, “Yeah.  Well Griffin actually.  He and Ant had a few drinks while talking to lighten the mood.”

“Speaking of party.”  Ant said stepping out of the hallway into the kitchen wearing almost nothing.  “We need to cancel that.  Apparently there was a sniper out by the pool yesterday. Griffin chased him off.”

“A sniper?”

Griffin was following Ant, “Was in a blue sedan across the street, I asked him what he was doing and then he sped off squealing his ties.  No idea what he was doing.  But I think your boy here,” Griffin nodded towards me, “is a target.”

I shrugged, “Wouldn’t be the first time.  We’ll keep a watch, round the clock.  And I can throw a wall of air up to stop any bullets that might try to hit anyone.”

“Wait, you can do that?”

Alex laughed, “He’s fucking king, of course he can.”

I rolled my eyes.  “I’m Magnus.”

Griffin’s voice rose, “Wait, your Venatori.”  He took a step back and frowned, “Fuck me!  Alex what the fuck are you  getting into?”

Alex pointed at my temple, “He’s not Venatori anymore.  I told you, he’s king.  Fucking dragons bow to him.  Vampires swear fealty.  And fucking Alpha pack leaders bend the knee.  That’s why he needs protection.  The only thing you can’t stop is a direct challenge.”

“When’d you get so good at the rules?” I asked Alex.

He shrugged, “I dunno.  I guess I just started listening better.”

“Yeah, that’s it.”  I poked fun at Alex.  “Not anything to do with those rules hurting people you love.”

He shook his head, “Not a thing.”  Alex smirked at me.  “I don’t love anyone here.”

I grinned at Alex and pressed a kiss to his lips as I walked past him.  “Party’s gonna happen.  Alex made plans.  Have it at night we can bring in more trusted guards.  Alec might have a few trusted guys. Vin can take a break. Check with Adrian see if he’s got any who’d be willing to come around.  I don’t know my dragons well enough.” _I should remedy that._ I thought.

Alex chuckled to himself.  _After vacation._

I waved my hand and lifted hunter up to my hip, “Wanna go for a walk on the beach?”  The fear in his eyes said no, but he held on for dear life.  “I won’t put you down I promise.”

“He’s so you.”  Ant said.  “Earlier I had to coax him out on the sand with the others.  Told him your trick and it helped a little.”

“Much appreciated.  Must be a family thing.”

“Or a neurosis thing.”  Alex and Ryan said at the same time looking at one another and then laughing.  “I’m gonna do some errands, I’ll see you when we are both back.”

I gave him a nod and I slipped my shoes on and headed out the door for a walk on the beach with my sand-phobic mini-me.


AJ finished Lost in New York. A milestone reached, a marker placed! (Marker was the prompt for today)

And while AJ was planning out a m/m romance with an hea she found the plot for book 2 of the Forgotten arc.

And now she’s playing with a jump in time.

We can either have it be a short time jump (like an hour) or a big time jump (a few months, up to aging up the children.)

There are merits to a time jump we can spend a month or more in this new realm and then return like nothing really happened in our families lives and to the over all plot.

And then there is the whole let’s let the bad guys assume they won and then come back much later to rock their world. AJ did this in Revolution where Cari went to sleep for twelve years. It works to make the world a worse place. But is that the story we want to tell.

I’d love to hear those opinions of those who actually like talking about this. It’s here mostly so AJ’s alpha can read it with out all the ping ping ping of AJ’s messenger going off lol. But I’d love to hear what ya’ll think. AJ writes for you (and herself, but she likes to at least think about what you guys see and want to see.)


Editing is a big job. One AJ actually hates doing. We should really buckle down and edit the books.

We have renamed the books. That’s pretty big.

The whole series as a world is called “The Game of Souls”. The premise being that Order and Chaos the two sides of the Umbra are playing a game – whoever can collect the most souls – energy wins. Chaos cheats while Order only intervenes on occasion. My story being one of three occasions Order has stuck his fingers in the pie.

The first four books are part of an arc – The Third Ascendant.

We’ve changed the name of the four books several times. But this is currently what they are titled:

Book 1 – The Call of the Dragon
Book 2 – Taking Back Erebus
Book 3 – The Last Phoenix
Book 4 – The Power of Succession

Now you notice that book 1’s title has moved to the third book. And the biggest reason has to do with what happens in book 3 – I actually rise from the ashes – like a phoenix. The Dragons call me that in book 1, and that happens to be the name of the dragon clan we are hunting. However AJ’s thinking we’ll rename the clan to something else just so there is no confusion to why we moved the title.

And the biggest reason we did it was because of the movie poster AJ had created. It just fit so much more with the premise of the story.

Our next few books set at 4, but we’ll see how that goes is entitled – The Forgotton.

And Book 1 is called Lost in New York. The others really don’t have titles though I think AJ has some tenative ones. * goes to look at the notes *

So there are only three books in this arc at present – there were four but AJ trashed one which we had started but the book wasn’t feeling right. This one is going so much better. So there might be a fourth really depends on how the stories shape up in the long run.

The next two books are The Villian I Am and The New World Order.

And I’ll give you the movie poster again cause it’s not full size in the image I chose today :)



Do I know an Emma?

I don’t think so. I don’t have any clue how to use this prompt. Except maybe in the banana factory song.

But even then AJ stalled on typing it out like uh…. how does that go. We can sing it but it won’t come out the fingers onto the screen.

So even that is out.

Should I know an Emma? So if you’ve read my story up to now, you know that I have a soul mate, and I am part of a triumvirate of power. So for those of you who didn’t read. A soul mate you get, but what it means in my world is that your soul’s energy is made up 1/2 of another soul energy.

That soul is bound together – energy never really loses it cohesion to others it’s been with. They kinda like to stick together.

A triumvirate is the same thing except it’s 1/3 of a soul’s energy. Ant is bound to both Alex and I in the same way.

So if you do the math, I have 1/6 of my soul’s energy that isn’t bound to someone. So AJ’s thinking that there are 5 people out there who share that same energy, and if I were to find all 5 people my entire power base would be complete. I’d have something no one else has ever had – the energy of one of the souls that came first. One of the Umbra itself so to speak. Giving me access to a big bang that hopefully we’ll see in the end of this arc.

So the question becomes who are these 5 people. One is Alex. Alex and I are bound in yet another way. We both have 1/2 of one soul, 1/3 of another soul, and 1/6 of another soul. Our souls are bound forever and always together. Which is why we can’t stay away from each other. The cosmic universe is pulling us together like magnets.

So that’s 4 more people to find. One for each race.

AJ’s thinking Darwynn and Alec are two. They came to me easily, like they had an inside track to something else, so we have human, therian and vampire. I need dragon and venatori. I think we’ll be seeing two new characters in the scheme of things. Maybe I’ll meet one in the current WIP. AJ’s plotting.

Am I a Hero?

Today on AJ’s feed an article by KM Weiland popped up. One of those authors AJ follows for their writing advice. Today’s article was about ten qualities all likable hero’s must possess.

And I of course had to check myself up against those criteria. But I’m eager to hear what my average reader thinks as well. Do I stack up?

The top ten qualities required of a hero:

  1. Action
  2. Morality
  3. Selflessness
  4. Competence
  5. Loved by Others
  6. Bravery
  7. Determination
  8. Relatability (my spell check says this is not a word…)
  9. Wit
  10. Kindness

So I think I do well till we hit 8 and 9. Am I relatable? That’s where I come to you for help? Is my plight relatable? Do you put yourself in my shoes? Or is my world and my dilemmas something you can’t understand. AJ touches on some human issues in places, bullying and homophobia, abuse – probably a few other things but is the reality of my world too much? Is the magic over the top? Do I posses things you can’t get behind. Do I seem contrived and all powerful for the sake of being over powered. If you have a comment one way or the other I’d love to have an active conversation with you about it. AJ too, btw.

And Wit? I don’t think I’m funny. Sure I can come up with a few good lines. But is there wit involved? Again a question for those of you who have actually read my story.

And if you want to read more about those specific qualities and how they apply to heros read the linked article (Here I’ll even link it again.)