The First Hunt

In order to curb your story withdrawl after the end of The Evolution of Power AJ decided to write the ‘biography’ part of my story. My first hunt where I meet Michaela, Ant and see my mother die. It should help me regrain from the stifling quiet I’d have otherwise. I’ve been a bad blogger and not been posting daily! This will help me reach … Continue reading The First Hunt

The Outline!

A silhouette of a story would be the outline. Wouldn’t it. I silhouette is just the outline of an figure shaded in. Guess what? AJ finished my portion of the outline for the Last Phoenix rewrite. There are still other PoVs to throw in so AJ knows the whole story going forward. But my story is there with a little foreshadowing for up coming stories. … Continue reading The Outline!


There is one good thing about this rewrite. AJ’s getting world lore stuff done. I’ve alluded to the changes coming. And while it doesn’t change the overall story it does change my relationships and the people in my life a great deal. I’m still going to take down Ye Pan and the Last Phoenix. I’m still going to befriend Darwynn. I however won’t be losing … Continue reading Loophole


I don’t usually do the whole writing theory thing. Mostly because I’m not the writer. But I know I give AJ shit about my back story and all the shit I have to put up with. I mean come on – how many bad things can you imagine to happening to one person. A dragon kills my sister because my so called race gave her … Continue reading Wounds