I’ve been AWOL

I know. I’m sorry. It’s not that AJ’s forgotten about me. It’s the opposite actually. AJ’s editing Dragon Hunting, attempting to edit The Call of the Dragon (book 1), she’s writing an AU for me and Alex (a second one — finished another one before), she’s gonna be working on a DnD 5e campaign for NaNo to run for her family. And her love has been working nights so things are just busy, and my blog hasn’t really got anything to say.

I can ramble at you all you want, but in short I say nothing new. AJ’s trying to think of something we can do here that doesn’t put the daily pressures of writing, but still so I don’t look so annoyingly empty. AJ really likes writing me. And I really like having a voice. So we want to keep this up, plus AJ wants to use this space as hey go read more buy my book type of space too. Like me — go buy the book. So it’s gotta be me quality and still offer a reason to buy the books.

Things on the table

  • Weekly Short stories — though to be honest we did that and AJ failed to write a story for everyone but the first week.
  • A weekly themed post or posts but we really don’t have any clues as to what we can do for that either. Just more of me rambling.
  • AJ’s not really wanting to share her writing process — but that is an option from my perspective as a main character anyway.
  • An on the fly scene with a choose your own adventure style ending. AJ really likes that idea. But that means ya’ll have to participate! (I said ya’ll… *glares at AJ*)

AJ’s also thinking about moving my daily interactions to Facebook and Twitter. I have tumbler and instagram as well but that’s a bit more niche and not my word so much. But it’s a possibility.

AJ’s getting into marketing the books now. But we are still a ways off in actually publishing something. The first will be Dragon Hunting. She’s got a newsletter that we really need to work on too. So much to do.

Break in the Story

There are only a few written pieces of the High School AU AJ’s working on.  Work has been busy.  And writing has been happening at home at night despite how much I protest.

AJ is working on something for Alex’s Birthday, hopefully we’ll have that soon.  If anything I can start sharing that.  AJ’s not done with the AU but it’s likely going to pick up at NaNo time we’ll see.

We might get a little bit of me rambling, or some random world building articles.  AJ’s working on one now on top of everything else she’s doing, so no telling what you’ll get.

The Power of Succession

Tomorrow starts the last of this four book arc. Sadly it’s MUCH shorter than anticipated as it was written without an outline for anything other than what was supposed to go down in the main plot.

But as AJ has been taking notes, we have somethings to fill in and add too and probably change up. Instead of going into full blown edit mode. AJ’s gonna edit and fill in these bits and pieces and try to length his book up some. Add some things that will push us into the next arc even more.

But today’s was the end of the First Vestige… tomorrow we start the Power of Succession.


As my story is written we are finding prophecy to be part of the world. Something I despise with all my heart. My life is not written. My life is mine.

I know I go on and on about prophecy and fate and destiny. The harbinger of my life. And I’m not the writer, I get to live through the hell AJ creates, but I can say at least I’m not one of George RR Martin’s characters in Game of Thrones right?

But this is a story that does prophecy right. I admire it.

Syfy Wire writes a good article about it all. If you’ve not seen the series then I suggest you don’t read the article.

The very last paragraph resonates with what I believe of prophecy.

Every character sees themselves as the hero of their own story. That’s why the ones who hear these pronouncements (Jaehaerys, Rhaegar, Cersei, Daenerys) always failed to understand what they’ve been shown. In the world of Westeros, all prophecies do is mess with people’s heads. The answer is never the one anyone sees coming.

AJ has a lot of hard times coming for me. One actually plays to the first line of that article, and to a writing prompt she saw – or a quote or something

Everyone is the villain in someone’s story.

This includes me. Somewhere in some one’s story I’m the bad guy. I know hard to fathom right? But AJ’s going to write that next. That will probably be the next arc of my story. My becoming is almost done. AJ’s hoping to finish the story by July and work on something else fun and not canon. But fun.

New Year, New Goal

So I fucked up at the end there. I missed three posts at the end of the fucking year. Thanks AJ for blowing my streak. But it’s for a good cause right? AJ having an office, and quiet space and rooms and a kitchen and all that is worth it right?

So again I have another year ahead of me with my continued post a day. I’m going to attempt to give you a new post a day even if I’m telling you a story. There were be likely story posts only on the weekends though – or something pre-posted cause AJ doesn’t have weekend time for me. Stupid House! (not really the house is awesome)

AJ’s attempting to write at least 100 words a day in addition to my daily posts so we’ll see how that all goes. Her ultimate end of year goal is to finish all the rewrites from my PoV. That’s 4 books… so we’ll see. I don’t expect we’ll see all 4 but we can hope.

What are your goals?

The Children of Morpheus

AJ’s playing a little with things with the third installment of the arc. It’s a pretty big book in terms of me. But as AJ stalls at work today for today is a Christmas party. And she had a thought while in the car she just remembered to look up.

With a little more reading up on who the Greek God Morpheus is and my beloved Alex. And what he is. AJ’s got this notion that Alex is something important too – not so much a counter to me, but powerful in his own right. Leading me, Alex and Ant to be some sort of triumvirate of power to fight off some unknown evil.

But in this research I think Morpheus’ brother Phobetor is going to end up being my demon in the story. It fits better, if you read the excerpts on them at listverse. But the Children of Phobetor doesn’t sound as good.

So a new name is needed.

  • The Children of Nightmares
  • The Nightmare’s Children

I think I like the second one better. We are open to suggestions. But AJ wants me to remind you that all the titles are revolving around an evolution of sorts.

The Last Phoenix – a cycle of life and rebirth
Darywnn’s Law – the basis for survival of the fittest and evolution
The Children of Morpheus – children
The First Vestige – The first sign of ruin (a first and last – cycle)
The Evolution of Power – evolution is in the title.

Thus the Ascendant Arc (a rise to power or the evolution of a man)