Contest Time

It’s that time of year again where AJ enters the annual Summer Writing Contest at The Write Practice. So I’m going to be a pompous ass and tell you a bit about it.

It’s all about me – of course!

AJ’s taking a different perspective and writing it Third Person PoV so you won’t get my usual rambling – and I’m five so there is that.

But AJ’s looking for beta readers. Sorry Alpha has already been passed – we are on draft two officially, but it’s technically draft three since AJ has already written the scene once before – but this one is a little different.

A few facts change and I like them. A lot.

So if you are interested in reading leave your email in the comments or shoot me an email at and I’ll sent the link on over to you.

It will be posted here after the entry is published with all the other contest entries.

So you will eventually get it here, but right now AJ’s looking for feedback!

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