So Camp starts next week. AJ’s planning on Editing for the whole month. We’ve decided that we will share with you starting in July the rewrite of the Power of Succession. It was a short book around 40K when last shared, now it’s about 58K which is better. The story is more fluid and things follow the right path.

The rewrite takes into consideration the fact that the Magical book was stole in the prior book where it was not actually mentioned (one of the fixes AJ needs to make)

This is an important fact going forward.

The other thing it doesn’t take into consideration is the fact that Jace is my bully and Venatori as this was a change AJ is making while she editted the first 3 chapters of the Call of the Dragon.

It still feels weird calling it that. It’s been the Last Phoenix since forever. But it fits better with the third book’s events where I actually rise from the dead!!! instead of the name of the clan. We will probably be changing that clan name. So if you have any suggestions on what a cool Dragon Clan name would be I’m all ears.

So coming July we’ll see book posts. in August we’ll see what I offer you if I offer you anything in addition to the story. My goal is to provide something. So we’ll see.

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