Smile for the Camera

Well not literally, AJ is taking snapshots or rather writing snapshots of the story we’ve finished, what we know is to come, and she’s working through an even larger story that came to her over that last writing contest. Did I ever share her entry? It’s not precisely canon but I can share if I haven’t yet. Do let me know.


AJ is working on the snowflake method for 8 books. You heard me 8. They span the Ascendant Arc you already know and 4 that come after that haven’t been written. AJ may share the one sentence summaries and maybe the paragraphs, but we’ll see.

In addition to to these areas of the Snowflake method AJ is going to be doing them for key characters, and also a character analysis of them all. You have no idea how long this list is! Not every character, but all the main ones. You will definitely see Alex and Ant, and all the major bad guys I’ve faced and will face.

But AJ is sharing the first sentence of the ‘series’ The Game of Souls with twitter and facebook. The words are identical but no idea how to make facebook share a post like twitter does.

Do you see anything in that one sentence that resembles me? Can you guess?

As a final note, AJ decided that she will wrap up Darwynn’s Law but the book itself is going to be trashed and the major events pulled into the remaining four books. It has never felt like an important piece but those important events, like meeting Darwynn and getting Faelen and Matt in my life can be pushed into other areas easily. There are a few other key elements that happen in other PoVs (Alex and Ant’s specifically) that will be carried over as well, but in general you won’t get to know about them until I do.

While AJ has Alex’s pov written for The Last Phoenix, she isn’t going to continue doing that. Let’s knock out the 3 rewrites and start working on getting published? At least that’s the goal. Here’s to hoping.

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