The Nightmare’s Children


Ya’ll heard (OMG AJ!!!)

Okay let’s start that over. Youz guyz heard… No that’s not right either… Not Brooklyn or Jersey shudders


Darwynn’s Law is done. At least it’s wrapped up. AJ has gone through DLs rewrite and taken about 17 scenes that you’ll be reading or have read that will start out The Nightmare’s Children. AJ has a few scenes she has to add in order to fit it into the story it is in now, but it’s moving.

AJ is also working on full character bios and worksheets. And If you’d like to see them I offer one of two solutions. AJ can share them here, or you can be an alpha reader and AJ’ll share the drop box folder and her process. AJ’s leaning towards the later. As there are a lot of spoilers in the bios. The idea here is to move all the information and notes into one spot.

Dabble is awesome! AJ wants to keep reminding everyone that it’s a great platform, but it’s not hitting her needs. Sharing is a must! As is being able to write in markdown and have each scene it’s own document in correctly formatted markdown so that html and epubs are 80% easier to work with since that’s her go to publishing thing.

And write now she’s got a system that works well. Just need to figure out how to version control with git without actually having to save the git folders which take forever…. might have to do a whole project folder for it all instead of little ones outside of dropbox. We’ll see. (I know tech speak.)

But I’m excited. We are moving into book 3 (book 2 now!)




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