So have AJ found a new element to add to the overall story of my world. And it’s all because of a pintrest rabbit hole she fell down.

It sounds like an epic romance. One that hopefully you get snippets of in my story and AJ might actually write in reality. But not till I’m done – she promised!

So my good bud Ant is immortal. He falls in love with a human back in the day. And for 800 plus years he’s looking for his lost love. Since in my world all souls are energy, and all energy returns to the Umbra. Which is the source of all energy which makes up all life and all things, and all magic. But you humans still believe in God and all that mumbo jumbo. *hears Val Kilmer’s false identity in the Saint*

As a side not I’m going to try to play with the stupid blocks. Maybe I can make my content look all cool and stuff but we’ll see… AJ dislikes the code it produces it’s crap! But I’m not AJ right, I can do what I want.