My Dad’s Best Friend

The door to the elevator opened and a man with blue eyes and tanned skin looked out pointing a gun. He looked sad and reserved and my heart sank. I reached forward and took the gun from Emilio Vega's hand. He didn't resist. "I won't hurt you." He frowned. "They know that." His body reacted … Continue reading My Dad’s Best Friend

Journey to the Top

Outside on the streets of New York City humans didn't know about the war goiong on between supernatural races. They didn't know about vamires and their bloodlined. They didn't know about the varios therian packs around the world much less the types of therians there were - bears, lions, wolves and almost every predator known … Continue reading Journey to the Top

We’re Off to See the Wizard

I was finishing my lunch. Alex was watching me, "You can eat knowing you are going to fight later?" "I'm hungry. And since I'm now tied to a plethora of different magics I need to eat. One of the voices in my head keeps telling to eat and I'm pretty sure I should listen." "He … Continue reading We’re Off to See the Wizard