The next Monday came and everything felt strange. The Venatori were argueing over who was going to rule them in my stead. Someone thought that if they put the right person in place they could ride me out of the picture. The civilian Venatori they chose had not been difficult at all for them too choose, they didn’t realize that they held more sway than the leader did. The poor no body nothing they choose from Mark Green’s arsenal of young Venatori was a shy thing. He hadn’t offered his name at the council meeting. But then Isabelle was ranting about the wiccan living conditions.
Ged had showed up too with plans. I couldn’t read half of it, but the shape and the explanation came out in a manner in which both Alex and I nodded too. Ant and Ryan were there too but they just stared at the monstrosity he’d brought as a model. He’d had to rebuild it on the island in the kitchen. And when he left it had remained. It was going to be a huge. But it was going to be safe. Safe for anyone to life in – human included.
Dorian had been good with his word, next Wednesday I had a meeting with the city mayor. He’d become much more a secretatry in these few days than my mentor. So I had sent Jin to assist him. She could do all that he needed. Jin said she was much happier working for someone who wasn’t exactly needy. I didn’t take offense, I was needy.
Between the four of us, we could manage my schedule. I’d never needed a personal assistant before.
But it was Monday – the first day of school for all the kids. We had Sage fake Drake’s paperwork and sent him along to school with Cass and Hunter. He was smaller than them but he was a Dragon, and far smarter than anyone gave the three year old credit for. Dragon’s minds grew faster than their bodies. He’d be human toddler for several more years but his mind was going to push past Cass and Hunter. We’d have to figure out what to do with them, but for now they all promised to not show themselves to their human bretheren.
Alex had found a charter school for students with special needs. And while the children weren’t mentally disturbed or whatever, because of Dorian we were able to get them into the school on short notice. It of course took a sizeable donation on top of the tuition but Alex had said it was worth it if the kids could be a little more free with themselves. Different here wasn’t going to stand out as bad. Thing was though, some of those special needs kids were there because they had behavior problems, so we’d have to watch out and curb any of those picked up tendancies. Alex was worried for Quinn, she was alone amongst the children. The kids either being five or sixteen. She was only ten. That really was until Isabelle brought her little sister over. Carina was shy and quiet and very talented little witch who was struggling with school. She was eleven, but with a little convincing they put the two of the girls together.
Carina was in heaven, and Isabelle’s mother was more than happy we had more of her kin in our ranks. She was not happy that Isaelle wasn’t with me, but she resigned herself to never having grand children because Izzy and Ant were hot and heavy. We’d have to figure something out there for them.
The girl in the stairwell hadn’t shown up again, but I’d seen her in my dreams. Not like Alex dreams or those prophectic ones Hunter has. Normal dreams I guess, but they didn’t feel normal. She was there, and I wondered who she was. What was her name? I felt a kinship to her but until that day I’d never seen her before. I’d told Alex and he joked that I was fantasizing about girls, but it wasn’t that. And it left me feeling strangely when I woke from those dreams.
Eddie never shut up. Everyone complained about him, but when it came down to it, Eddie fit right in. He loved to curl up in your lap so you could pet him. It was the only time the telepathic cat was quiet.
So this was our new life. It was strange and comforting all at the same time. I wasn’t sure where it was going to go or how long I could keep doing it. But it was our life – mine and Alex’s. And I fucking loved the man.

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