The Architect

Alex curled around me in our bed. He held me close as I continued to cry into the pillow. If I’d been wrong. “You weren’t wrong.” Alex reassured. He held me tight and kissed the back of my neck. There was not a moment that he wasn’t touching me. “I’m never going anywhere Nox. Even if I’m scaed to death of losing you. That’s twice today.”
“It’s not going to stop.” I said.
He pulled me closer if that was even possible. “Whatever we fought about doesn’t matter Nox. Please don’t be mad at me.”
I laughed and rolled over and grabed Alex’s face, “I could never be mad at you for taking care of yourself. I know I’m alot. A handful, broken. So very very broken. But I need you. I need you like I need air.”
“Nox, I can’t be away from you, or our family. It hurts on a level I was never aware of before. I have a hard time with everything. But I just need air. That’s all.”
“Don’t leave me.” I begged.
“Never baby, never.” Alex promised.
We laid there until there was a knock at the door. “Come in.” Alex said. He smiled at Jin. “What’s up?”
“The architect is here, can he meet with him?”
Alex looked at me, “He needs to do something else. Get his mind off things. So yeah, order pizza and take him into the kitchen.”
She nodded. “His favorite, any other requests?”
“Just whatever the kids like, I’m easy.” Alex said.
Jin left and Alex climbed out of bed and pulled me with him, “Come on, pretty boy, let’s fix the make up and change your clothes.”
“What’s wrong with what I’m wearing?” I asked.
Alex laughed, “It’s soaked in blood for starters.”
I looked down at my clothes and the tears flowed again as I remembered who’s it was.
Alex wrapped his arms around me, “I’m not dead. You knew it wasn’t me.”
“What if I was wrong?”
“You weren’t Baby, you knew. I love that you knew. Please, I can’t fix this.”
I cried in Alex’s arms for several long minutes. Before I pulled myself together again, or at least I was able to put on a fake smile so that I could put on my make up and change clothes. I didn’t realize how stuck they were to me now. They were ruined. My shoes too.
Alex laughed, “I’ll buy you new ones. We’ll go later okay?”
I nodded as I stripped off the jeans. They peeled off with a disgusting slurping sound. They weren’t stiff which made me wonder why it hadn’t fully dried. I looked over at the bed and saw the red stains “We’ll get someone to change them while we are gone.” Alex said. “Don’t worry about anything.” He helped me clean up. I could have done it with magic, but it felt comforting having Alex help me. I needed Alex to help me.
We weren’t long, but probably too long as the man I’d called in was standing in the kitchen looking at the counter top. Alex cleared his throat and the man jumped. I could feel his power – he was a were bear. A peice inside me shivered. Memories were a bitch.
He smiled at me. “Nox Setanta, the boy who could.”
Alex laughed, “Does everyone call him a boy?”
“He’s been a boy since before most of us were here, so yes. But it’s not meant in a bad way,” the man said. “Names Ged. I run the crew that built this place. I don’t think I’ve been in the building since we finished it.”
“This is Alex Kennedy.” I introduced. “This is a nice place. How much of your crew is suprnatural?” I asked.
“The whole crew. And I can higher more. What are you thinking?” The bear asked. And he looked like a right bear. He was huge. Could break me in half. Alex growled under his breath and I knew what he thought I couldn’t help but smile at his possessivness showing even when I wasn’t thinking anything of the sort. I wrapped my arm around Alex and curled closer to him while we talked.
“I want a location on a lay line. And I want to spell the metal and build it in a very specific shape.”
Ged groaned, “And I’m sure you want to make it with the special glass.”
I nodded, “Yes. It will be the safest place in all New York city for the supernatural.”
“That’ll be an impressive feat.” He sat down and smiled, “Tell me more.”
Alex sat down next to him and I stood next to Alex on the far side away from Ged so Alex didn’t think I was making moves or anything. But really it was so I could look at them both and still touch Alex. I needed that. I needed to feel his warmth against my body. I was being clingy and needy and I was going to drive Alex nuts with it if it kept up too long.
Not a fucking chance pretty boy. He pressed a kiss to my check, I love that you need me so badly.
The discussion was pretty much just me telling Ged what i wanted. I drew the run I wanted to build. told him, I wanted a third of the building to be open to the public. another third to be easily constructable habitats for human use. And the remaing third to be studio apartments with runes to make them the size the occupant needed. And a basement of course. I asked about how far we could go. I needed one or two levels of studio size apartments for vampires with the runes, and the remainder could be closet size cells meant to hold the criminally magiced bretheren of our society.
The last bit made his eyes go wide. “You intend to imprision instead of kill?”
“Isn’t that more me?” I grinned.
He nodded. “Of course. But that could be dangerous.”
“Trust me.” I said. I don’t think he did, but he nodded and we continued our discussion.

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My name is Nox Sétanta. I am first and foremost a fictional character escaped from the mind of my creator AJ. In layman's terms I'm a magic wielding monster hunter born to my human mother and my Venatori father.

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