Darwynn Visits

The pizza arrived and we continued to discuss our plans for the new building. By the time the big burly bear of a man left I’d been fed and my body was back to normal – as normal as normal got anyway. I was still having issues letting my powers run free. But Alex was there and so was Eddie, though I wasn’t exactly sure where the cat was, but he was always a thought away. If I started to panic because of the elements there was always a calming word.
Alex on the other hand had drug me off into the media room with the rest of the family. He pulled me down on the sofa and put on a movie he was pretty sure I’d like. It wasn’t my normal type movie. More one Sage would make me watch and had in prior years, Alex hadn’t seen it yet, and I was happy to curl up in his lap and watch the hilarity of flying through space with a half god, a genetically altered raccoon and a tree that sacraficed himself in the last movie.
The whole family sat and watched the movie. Lake and Matt were curled up in a shared bean bag on the floor. Rider was stretched up with his feet kicking up in the air. Drake sat on his back and was paying pony or may be he was riding the wolf. Rider was very good with kids. I loved watching him taking care of everyone.
Ant and Izzy were sitting together, holding hands and Ant had his arm around her protectively as they watched from another couch. Ryan was lounging in on the floor between the two couches where Alex and I were and Ant and Izzy were. Almost like he couldn’t make up his mind who he had to protect so he did both. I guess that was his job.
Faelen was curled up in a corner of the couch with Ant and Izzy. Quinn sat next to him. Her hand rested on his hip and his hand curled around hers. They weren’t exactly touching each other but I suspected Faelen was holding back. He was a wolf, touch was primary to his functioning and as omega he needed it more so than most. Cass sat in front of them holding Fae’s hand and leaning against Quinn’s les. She knew how needed the most help in feeling like part of the family and she was doing her best to make them both feel like the siblings they were becoming.
Hunter had been sitting with Rider, but when we joined them he cralwed up on top of me. But it didn’t take long before Alex and I had readusted and he was lying on his side leaning against the back of the couch and half on top of me. I wasn’t sure if he’d moved for my benefit or his own, but I felt better because of the full body contact. Hunter lay on my chest and Alex’s arm draped over him and under my shirt to caress the skin of my rib cage.
I don’t think I saw much of the movie, I’d have to watch it again when I was less needy. I was so wrapped up in the warmth of my family that I fell asleep.
The darkness turned to images. Happiness filled with family and my blue eyed boy. Then without warning the scene grew dark. Thunder sounded in the distance and rain fell on our happy little scene. Everyone scattered except me and Alex we stood with each other in the rain. Alex ran his fingers down my jaw line but it wasn’t his hand. It was dark and twisted. His blue eyes were dark and stormy and glowing. Sharp teeth showed in his mouth when he smiled at me.
I started awake, alone in a dark room, cold and afraid. Where was Alex? My heart was racing from the dream and now the panic. Twice the evil things in my world took Alex’s form. Twice had my life been upended by things my love did not do. I was shaking by the time Alex came into the media room.
“What happened?”
I shook my head. and replayed the images in my head. Alex sat down and wrapped me up into his arms. “Just a nightmare.” He chuckled, “A normal regular nightmare. You’ve had a rough day.”
“I’m sorry.”
Alex pulled me tighter against him, “Nothing to be sorry for. But I was coming to wake you. Darywnn is here, and needs to talk to you.”
“What time is it?” I asked.
“I’d say early, but it’s not it’s late, we let you sleep. Eddie said that your body was learning in your sleep and that we should let you.”
“I didn’t dream of anything but the nightmare.”
Alex frowned. “You can talk to him later about it. Right now you’ve a pacing lion prowling our kitchen impatiently.”
“I …”
“I’ll be with you the whole time.” Alex said. “Ryan made food. Let’s go eat and talk with your new friend.”
I let Alex pull me off the couch and readjust my shirt that had crumbled in my sleep. There was a wet spot where my son had drooled on me, obviously he hadn’t been gone long before I woke up from my nightmare. Alex ran his fingers through my hair and the pads of his thumbs under my eyes.
“Why do I need to be presentable?”
“Because you are Nox fucking Sétanta and he rules this floor with a painted fist.” Alex smirked as he took my hand and lead me to the kitchen. I wasn’t sure why he was prettying me up but I wasn’t going to complain too much for all the attention.
“Darwynn.” I said as the lion slammed a cupboard shut. “Can I help you find something?”
He frowned as he turned to look at me, “There is not a single box of cereal in this house.”
“What you don’t like what Ryan made?”
Ryan glowered but he made a bright smile. “He is in the mood for sweet and crunchy – none of which I made.”
“I’ll remember that in the future, but I can’t guarantee there will be any left with three, no four, teenage boys, and four children ten and under in this house.”
Ryan laughed, “Don’t forget Alex, or myself.”
I waved my hand in front of them, “And there you have it. I’m sure there was cereal at some point.” I sighed, “What can I do for you?”





4 responses to “Darwynn Visits”

  1. ambroseandelsie Avatar

    “Because you are Nox fucking Sétanta and he rules this floor with a painted fist.” I love this line! :lol:

    “And there you have it. I’m sure there was cereal at some point.” Poor Darwynn! :lol:

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    1. Nox Avatar

      hehe. yeah poor darwynn…. no cereal.

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      1. ambroseandelsie Avatar

        Not even an empty box. Poor thing! :lol:

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      2. Nox Avatar

        I’m sure I’ve trained them all well… garbage doesn’t belong in the cupboards lol

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