The True Power



3 minutes

Alex laughed, “You didn’t even need us.”
“I did.” I said with the stone still in my hand and blood all over the front of me for the second time that day. As I came near Alex’s eyes grew wider.
“It’s brighter.” He said.
I lifted the stone and he was right, the closer I got the Ant and Alex the brighter it got. I laughed, “See, I needed you.”
Alex took the stone from my hand and the power didn’t dim. Ant took it from him and handed it back to Dorian. “As the witness you will tell your people?”
Dorian stood up and took the rock from Ant and the glow ceased completely. He nodded, “Nox Setanta is the new leader. ” He smiled at me, “Is that them all now?” he joked.
Alex smirked, “The only ones he doesn’t rule is the humans. i’m sure he’ll get them next.”
Dorian nodded, “We can arrange for city officials to be brought in if you’d like.”
I looked at my former mentor and current friend and family member, “That would be excellent, I actually need to talk to them about some new construction anyway. Dorian.” I said and he looked at me, “You need to choose a new leader to rule your everyday lives with whom I will use like Adrian and Dom. And I need a common Venatori for that council too. Someone who is one of the people who isn’t a ruling family and who will only have the Venatori’s best interest at heart.”
Dorian nodded, “It will be as you say. It might take a little while. Anything else?”
Alex added, “No more killing without a trial. Bring them to the Night Life building, we’ll handle it from there.”
I looked at Alex proudly. Dorian was staring wide at him. “What, we have prisoners now, we’ll keep on doing it until there is a trial. They are well cared for.”
Dorian looked at me and I nodded, “As you wish.”
The four of us left the council room, and the contingent of armed guards followed us out. “Dorian until you choose a leader you are in charge.”
But none of the people in the hall way balked. I was clearly the winner. I was clearly their lader. “Bury Mark Green properly.” I said before we entered the elevator. There was no more bowing and scraping as the three of us exited on the main floor of the lobby. “When we get home remind me to tell Jin to tell them to open it back up down here.”
Ant nodded, “I’ve informerd her, she’s making the call.”
“Did you just communicate telepathically with my assistant?”
Ant laughed, “It seems that Alex has strengthened my power to do so yes. And she is sworn to me as are many others.”
“Your kiss is growing.”
Ant grinned, “My kiss is your kiss. Alec’s fealty gave me a power boost and then when we finished the triumvirate bond it crecendoed into power I never thought I’d have. ”
“We all need to figure out what this means. First thing we need to do is see what we can do, then we need to work on it together. We can’t be three individuals in this. The Venatori won’t be easy, but you two are part of this now. I’m sorry.”
Alex wrapped his arm around my shoulder and tugged me close. “Let’s not worry about that today. There will be no more attempts on your life today. Next week might be another story, but today there will be no more. I want to go home, get you cleaned up and then maybe we can watch that movie you fell asleep through – again.”

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