Wrong Answer

Simon and Izzy had danced most of the night away with very little stopping between. She grinned happily at me as she and her boyfriend slipped out without saying good-bye to anyone. Lily had kept an ever watchful eye on Ant until someone approached her and she was off in an instant dealing with whatever vampire business had come up. The music was too loud … Continue reading Wrong Answer


When we finally got up and left the room Izzy had grabbed my hand and was leading me towards the door. She grinned back at me, “The others won’t go dancing with me, but you will. Won’t you?” The smile was seductively sweet and I fell into step with her. I wrapped my arm around her shoulder, “Sure, Duckling, I’ll go dancing with you.” I … Continue reading Dancing

The Clave

I had eaten everything else that I’d made. Jace had come back for seconds disappointed. Our night progressed slowly with nothing really to do. Jace and Clary were snuggled up on one of the frilly couches that adorned Magnus’ apartment. Simon and Izzy were luring on the floor entwined in each other’s arms. Alec and Magnus occupied the other couch. And the three couples watched … Continue reading The Clave

A Way Home

We’d been less than successful at figuring anything out. Other than the fact that our mere presence seemed to trigger demon portals. Magnus was down. I was spent. I could hear Ant in my ear, “You stupid stupid boy.” But he was helping me stand while Alec took care of Magnus. We wouldn’t be portalling anywhere. So subway it was. But first we had to … Continue reading A Way Home

Kill Them All

The same group of people that had gone to the warehouse the day before went today – minus one dead mage. It was still troubling thinking that someone from this world wanted me dead. It made me wonder what sort of problems I was causing back home too that I was crossing dimensions like that. Alec’s siblings, Clary and Simon all started their search around … Continue reading Kill Them All

Stupid Mage

Magnus portaled us into the institute with ease. I wasn’t the only one losing my lunch. Though I had come prepared this time, my own trash can. Alec had laughed at me. He wasn’t laughing now while they cleaned up blood. He commented. “Must be your world.” He took me down to the cage with Ant in tow. Magnus followed but we were joined by … Continue reading Stupid Mage

Waking Up

I woke up in his so-called room back in Brooklyn. I saw the familiar form of Ant sitting by the door. I rolled my eyes, “No one is going to hurt me in my own bed.” Ant turned to look at me with his dark eyes and pointed a finger at me. “You’ve been gone too long from my sight. It won’t happen again.” I … Continue reading Waking Up