A Way Home

We’d been less than successful at figuring anything out. Other than the fact that our mere presence seemed to trigger demon portals. Magnus was down. I was spent. I could hear Ant in my ear, “You stupid stupid boy.” But he was helping me stand while Alec took care of Magnus. We wouldn’t be portalling anywhere. So subway it was. But first we had to wake Magnus.

Simon suggested, “A bucket of water usually works.” He looked at me, “At least on TV.”

Alec frowned but I managed to make a weave of water, it wasn’t a bucket full by any means, I was drained and water my weakest element. But it splashed on Magnus’ face and in moments he was spluttering awake. Alec was glaring at me. Magnus was not exactly happy. I just shrugged my shoulders, “Would you like us to carry you home? I’m sure your boy wouldn’t mind.”

Their glamours would work, but I wasn’t exactly strong enough to viel myself. Ant snickered, “I could have taken us to their loft.”

“Still can. It’d be funny to see if they get sick on their first journey through the shadows.” I grinned playfully. I was tired of throwing up each time I went through a portal. I was also tired of being here, I wanted to go home. Not that I minded the company but home had my bed, my pack and most importantly it had Dorian and my Isabel.

Ant nodded, “It’s fastest. Everyone needs to touch or I can’t bring you through in one shot.” Everyone obeyed. It was oddly comforting taking Alec’s hand in one and Ant’s in the other. Alec supported Magnus by his waist and Isabel was the one to take Ant’s other hand finishing of the chain of people. Ant took one step into the shadows that were surrounding us and we were instantly inside another shadow inside of Magnus’ plush apartment space. Everyone was bent over trying not to close their meals. Ant chuckled softly. “It get’s better with more uses.”

He looked at me with a grin, “Except Mr. Sensitive stomach here, he usually pukes his guts out.”

I rolled my eyes. “Magnus? What can we do to help you?”

Alec was already heading towards the bedroom. “I got it. You should all go to the institute and make a report and start looking into what’s going on. I’ll be along after I get Magnus settled.”

The Shadow hunters all started for the door as I collapsed on the couch. Jace was the first to turn around, “You gonna be okay?”

I nodded. “Just tired. I need to eat – a lot.”

He offered me a hand, “I think there is plenty in their stores, what you don’t have I’ll go get.”

I took his hand and Jace pulled me up. “I know Alec said to go back, but I’ll cook you.”

Jace’s eyes went wide and he nodded. “Okay. But we should use the office and make our reports, we can always email them in.”

I laughed. “Are you trying to be out of ear shot?”

Jace paled. “Wouldn’t you?”

I shrugged. “If they have sex it wouldn’t be the first time within my hearing. It’s not like I don’t live with 30 people anyway. Some one’s bound to be having sex at any time.”

“30 people”. Simon sounded astonished, “Damn, that’s a lot of people.”

Ant grinned at me as I started floating around the kitchen gathering supplies. He laughed at Simon, “He’s a pack leader. Well he’s more than that, but most of those 30 are pack.”

I cooked while Ant watched, the others made their way to the office and started writing reports. There was giggling coming from the room so I doubted they were doing much more than snooping through Magnus’ things.

I had food plated and sitting on the island in the kitchen when Magnus staggered out with pajamas on. He gave me a bright smile as Alec too his hand from behind. “No one listened, but you cooked. You are forgiven.” The rest of the crew stepped out after Ant had gone in to fetch them. “The rest of you suck.”

Clary stuck her tongue out at Magnus. “Careful there biscuit, Chairman Meow likes to flick things.”

Ant, Magnus, Alec and I stayed in the kitchen while the rest went off into the living room to sit in front of Magnus’ TV and veg – something they didn’t get to do often enough it seemed. I stayed where the food was. I had already cleared my plate once and was scooping seconds of vegetables and chicken on to my plate as I asked, “Magnus, did you learn anything before the big black portal full of demons shook the house down?”

He nodded as he finished chewing a too large piece of chicken he stuffed in his mouth as I’d asked the question. Alec grinned. “He said he recognized the residual magic. Another one of those I thought he was dead people. So not really sure where to look from there. We have nothing to track.”

“And that portal?” Ant asked. “It looked different.”

“Demon portals usually are. It’s possible we have a demon pulling more demons through.” Magnus said. “Another greater demon, maybe the one who brought the queen through?”

Alec added, “Black portals lead to no where. No Where must be some demon land. At least that’s what the books say.”

Magnus frowned. “Not no where. One way. They came from someplace else probably in this world. Black portals don’t cross dimensions, worlds or time.”

“So somewhere on this earth, someone is trying to kill you, or me, or both of us?” I asked.

Magnus nodded. “Maybe getting you home will solve the whole thing.” Magnus snapped his fingers and as the blue sparks dissipated a very large white leather bound tome landed on the island. Magnus flung his hand over the cover and it opened. The pages fluttered as if well by magic. The book dropped open on to a page about portals.

I glanced over Magnus shoulder but couldn’t read anything on it. It was written in a language I didn’t even recognize. Magnus muttered to himself. Everyone else was just eating, listening to the muffled sounds the warlock made. “Ah ha!”

Magnus flicked his fingers and the golden shard popped into his hands. “We take this to the portal in Idris and we can get you home.”

Alec sighed, “That’s not going to happen. Neither he nor Ant can get into Alicate without permission from the Clave.” He set down his plate and picked up his phone. “I’ll see if I can get my father to help. But he doesn’t like Nox much. I don’t see how it’ll help, but I’ll petition them in the morning. Magnus, can send his request as well. Maybe the both of us can get this to work out for you.”

I was eternally grateful, but both of them were walking out of the kitchen heading off to make their requests. I continued downing food like I was starving. My body was going  through resources faster than I could chew. This wasn’t good.

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