Blue Babies

I wandered down the hall towards the sound of the whimpering. No one else seemed to notice, the sound was soft and was coming from a closed door. I listened at the door as the sound of something moved on the other side. I don’t know why I was being so unease, this was a house, there wasn’t likely to be monsters in a house that had monster hunters in it.

I opened the door slowly and the first thing that caught my senses was the deep smell of baby powder. The light from the open door shown on a crib with a baby squirming inside. I smiled as I stepped inside leaving the door open so as not to create a harsh enviroment for the little eyes.

I looked over the railing and blinked in surprise. The child was blue from head to toe, his face, his little hands sticking out of the light sleeper he was placed in and his little foot that was stuck out of the buttons. I wasn’t exactly sure how kids managed to do that when they could only kick and squirm but I’d found Dakota often in a similiar situation when it was my night to attend to the squalling baby.

But he was blue…

It didn’t matter as his whimpering turned into a full blown cry. I picked the little one up and started correcting the footy problem before I started rocking back and forth. His diaper felt heavy so I did the fatherly thing and changed the child. He was blue everywhere, with little nubs above his head.

I was so not in Kansas anymore.

Clean and fully dressed I rocked and bounced the crying had stopped but the whimpering continued. I didn’t see a feeding station nearby so I took the little one with me rocking and bouncing as I hunted for the kitchen hoping that was where baby formula would be. I hope he wasn’t breastfeed… Though none of the women in that room looked as though they had recently had a baby. But I could be wrong. I made stupid assumptions many many times and many many times I get slapped for it.

I walked into the room where everyone was still busy tending their friend, and saw the kitchen across the way. I walked past everyone towards the kitchen and saw what I was looking for sitting near the sink. I didn’t know how much the little one drank so I only made half the bottle, I could easily make another. I warmed the bottle with a flick of my hand, I’d become adept at the perfect temperature with my own little bundle of joy. Though technically she wasn’t mine to tend, but we all lived together, and biologically she was my child. I felt just as much responsibility to her as I did to the rest of my pack – more so.

I placed the bottle against the little blue lips and he suckled immediately I’d found the cause of his whimpering. I looked up and saw Mr. Archer watching me curiously. His blue eyes sparkled and I couldn’t help but smile. He whispered, “You’ve done that before.”

“One at home.” I said quietly.

“I didn’t even hear him crying.” He stepped over next to me and looked down over my arm as I fed the child. “I always here him cry.”

“I heard him whimpering, he only cried a moment.”

“You heard him whimpering with the monitor in the bedroom?” He sounded surprised but his voice was still a whisper.

“Super human hearing for the win.” I grinned down at the child. “You know he’s blue right?”

Alec laughed, “I know. He’s a baby warlock.”

I nodded as if that made any sense to me. “Where am I?”

Alec looked up at me and then frowned, “At our home. In Brooklyn. You sound like a New Yorker. How do you not know where you are?”

The little one finished the last of the bottle and was gulping air. Alec started another bottle while I let the little one suck on my pinky finger, he was impatient and not happy my finger was empty. He squawked once before Alec handed me the bottle. “I can take him if you want.”

“I’m alright. You can go help your friend. I’ll put him back down.”

Alec smiled. “They don’t need me in the way.”

I rolled my eyes, “You were hardly in the way.”

He just shrugged. “I’d say where I come from warlocks are what some human’s call themselves when they can work magic – but they are fully human. He’s not.”

“He’s half human, half demon. That’s what a warlock is. Where are you from? You don’t seem phased by any of this for a …”

Alec didn’t finish his sentence he seemed to be struggling for a word. “I’m from New York City. Was born in Boulder, Colorado but I have never in my life seen magic like he’s using out there, or purple portals, blue babies, and whatever it was that attacked us.” I sounded mystified. I really had no idea what was going on.

“Those were demons. If you aren’t a warlock what do you wall yourself?”

I grinned, “I doubt it’d make any sense to you anymore than this all makes sense to me. It doesn’t matter the name. I bend the four elements – water, air, earth and fire. But I’m so much more than that – or so I’m told.”

The little blue boy was now sleeping quietly in my arms, the bottle forgotten and our voices not disturbing him. “I should go put him down.”

Alec nodded and lead the way to the baby’s room. Simon was sitting up drinking a vile smelling concoction and I saw Magnus watching me carrying the blue child across the room. I winked at him and he grinned and Alec grunted again. I turned to look at the blue eyed archer and saw a look that said he wasn’t happy. “Your boyfriend?” I asked.
He nodded and said nothing as he pushed open the door to the nursery.

“I don’t mean anything by it. My love life is complicated enough. But flirting is what I do. I can’t help it.” I laid the little one down and Alec bend over and pressed a kiss from his fingers to the baby’s temple. We slipped out of the room and walked back into the room. Simon was frantically telling a story, his hands were waving all over the place and he sounded very much like a nerd might sound while explaining some action scene in a movie.

I watched as Alec rolled his eyes and curled around Magnus and whispered in his ear. The brunette was hanging on every word Simon spoke and the red-head was clearly into the blonde. I was definitely in the wrong place. I slipped into the kitchen to get away from it all, didn’t need to watch the love fest going on out there.