Wrong Answer

Simon and Izzy had danced most of the night away with very little stopping between. She grinned happily at me as she and her boyfriend slipped out without saying good-bye to anyone. Lily had kept an ever watchful eye on Ant until someone approached her and she was off in an instant dealing with whatever vampire business had come up. The music was too loud even for my hearing. I didn’t care either way.

Jace and Clary left shortly there after and we decided it was probably best to get Max and go back to the loft. The institute still looked like a rundown building to me, until I got nearly on top of it. Ant saw the glory that was the cathedral from the start. Vampire senses seeing through the shroud or glamour as they called it here.

Ant and I went inside despite my desire not to. We didn’t go past the entrance, but the Institute was oddly quiet. Even Alec seemed suspicious of the inactivity. Alec asked the nearby tech sitting at one of the computers. “Where is everyone?”

He looked up and pointed to the monitor in front of him. “Relatively quiet tonight. A few patrols out. Your father and most of the conclave went to Idris.” He looked over at me standing against the wall. “For his petition. Though from the grumbling I heard that wasn’t all they wanted to discuss.”

Alec rolled his eyes. I guaranteed you they wanted to poke and prod at me for a while. A living breathing Extraterrestrial non-alien human like being from another universe? Who wouldn’t want to. Ant laughed. “It’d be better if you were dead.”

I looked back at my friend standing behind me. “Did I say that out loud?”

Magnus nodded. “You did.” He was smiling when I looked over at him and found his little darling blue son giggling in his arms. A very concerned grandmother was rushing down the hall and she stopped dead in releif as she saw Max sitting in Magnus arms.

“Sorry Mayrse, he’s learning too quickly.” Magnus said across the expanse between them.

She hurried towards them with a smile. “I am just glad he hasn’t done that to hide from me yet.” She patted her blue grandson on the head. “Don’t do that to me again. You nearly gave me a heart attack.” Maryse looked at me and frowned. “I do not think things look good for you. Though if they won’t let you go home, I don’t know what you will do here. You can’t keep flouncing about the city disrupting every downworlder.”

I grinned. “Oh I’ll go home. You may not like the way I do it, but I can’t stay here. With another to talk with about what I’m feeling, it’ll destroy us if we try to stay.” I inclined my head, “And I promise I won’t get your family in trouble when I do it.”

Maryse rolled her eyes. “I doubt you will have much choice in the matter, if the situation with our own very dear Clary Fray is any indication of what these boys will do for their friends.”

Alec nodded to his mom, “Thanks.”

She patted her son’s back as he walked away with his arm around Magnus’ waist. I could see the look from his mother but she was far more accepting than his father had been. Ant and I followed the small family to the loft in Brooklyn. Magnus could have created a portal but I was fairly certain he chose the mundane methods so his living room was less of a mess.

The remained of the night proceeded with little incident and just my normal nightmares waking me and I found myself up bright and early. I ran for a good hour before making my way back into the loft for a shower and to make breakfast. I wasn’t the only early riser – even Ant had stayed in bed when I’d gotten up. But Alec was doing his own thing in their small gym that I hadn’t even noticed until I saw the door open when I was in the kitchen. Alec was wearing nothing but gym shorts and I could see the white scars of faded runes as well as the permanent ones that decorated his perfect body. I couldn’t help but stare until I realized what I was doing and busied myself with making breakfast.

He came into the kitchen drying off with the towel around his neck and I turned to avoid looking at him. Alec laughed. “Something wrong?”

I shook my head. “Not a thing. Just avoiding temptation. I mean if you want me to stare I can.”

I didn’t need to turn around to know that Alec was blushing. The stammering in his voice with not knowing what to say only made it clear. I turned and smiled at him, “You really should get used to it.”

Alec ducked his head and smiled. “Yeah, that’s not really me.”

“I know.” I smiled and went back to making breakfast.

“Is Dorian like me?”

I shook my head. “No, Dorian is well aware of his attributes. He has no problem flaunting them when we are alone. But he has an image to maintain, I do my best to not embarrass him in public.”

Alec took a step towards me and moved a stray blue strand from my forehead. “And this doesn’t embarrass him?”

I smiled, “Does it embarrass you with Magnus?” Alec shook his head and I nodded, “Dorian likes the color, he even makes requests. He out grew the make-up, but I never did.”

I finished with breakfast and pushed a plate towards Alec. He smiled. “We are really going to miss this when you go home.”

Ant choose that moment to step into the kitchen, “Sounds like you need to learn to cook.”

Alec sighed, “I can cook. It’s just nice when someone else does it.”

Ant nodded. “It is. He loves to do it. Nox is more at home feeding the masses than he is leading them.”

Alec suggest, “Maybe you should just do both at the same time then. I know food always makes meetings better.”

“All pack meetings have food. Not sure the Venatori council would enjoy coming over to my place for a meal. I might poison them or something.” I joked of course, but I wouldn’t put it past them.

Alec just grinned as he placed his fork in his mouth. Magnus came into the kitchen carrying their son and set him in his high chair with a pile of eggs. “I got a fire message. Your mother. Your father is back with news. When we are done getting ready. Though it said ASAP in the message.”

Alec and I both rolled our eyes. If it were a go, they would have likely just said so. They didn’t want to be the bearer of bad news. “Is there any other way into Idris?” I asked.

Alec sighed. “Officially, no. Unofficially, yes. Luke snuck Clary in. We can talk to her.”

I nodded. “I don’t want you to get in trouble, Alec. I’ll be gone. It’s not worth it. Things are different than with Clary.”

Magnus nodded. “He knows, Nox. But that’s not going to stop him. He has little respect for people who don’t help those in need.”

“I understand the sentiment but don’t get in trouble you can’t get out of because of me. I’m not worth it. Please, just be careful.”

Alec nodded and headed towards his and Magnus’ bedroom with a peice of bacon in his hands. “I’ll be ready soon.”

I looked at Magnus who was already up and read. “You are ready early.”

Magnus yawned, “But crack of dawn fire message. I figured I’d get ready while Alexander was doing his thing.”

Twenty minutes later Magnus was opening a portal with his son in his arms. We wall stepped through. I was surprised not to lose my breakfast, but the nausea still was ever present. Ant hadn’t eaten this morning. He had claimed he was still fine from last nights feeding. He was a big boy and being as old as he was he probably knew better than me.

We’d started walking towards the conference room when Robert Lightwood found us and stopped us in our tracks. “The Clave won’t let you into Alicate. You will have to find another way. But we’d like to discuss things further with you.”

He opened his mouth to continue further but I stepped around him. “Where can I find Clary?”

Alec fell into step next to me, “Probably the training room, this early.”