Greater Demon

Magnus shook his head. “We need to find it first.”

Ant asked from the shadows, “What am I looking for?”

Everyone looked around for him and he released the obsfucation and was standing just behind me with a flaming sword in both hands. He continued. “I can search quickly in the shadows, if it’s here I’ll find it if I know what I’m looking for.”

Jace laughed but it was Simon who said something, “Big ugly thing can’t miss it.”

Clary interjected, “One can take the shape of your greatest fear.”

Ant laughed. “I have no greatest fear. My mother’s training burned the fear from me, as hers before her. It is what it means to be Enforcer. The ability to be immune to all vampiric powers. Fearmongers/empaths and Necoromancers are the hardest to escape.”

Magnus was studying the drawing on the floor. “It’s not a fear demon. I think it’s like a queen.”

“You mean like the one in Aliens – spewing out more demons?” I asked.

Simon laughed loudly. “See I’m not the only one who does it!”

I grinned. “I said it just for you, Simon.”

He blushed which was a first. “Nerds unite or something like that. Pop culture I get.”

Ant turned us back on topic, “Alright give me a few minutes.” And just like that he disappeared into the shadows.

“Does he do that often?” Clary asked.

I nodded. “His mother is worse.”

Isabelle smiled, “He’s cute.”

I laughed, “Ain’t he?”

Alec interrupted again, “Can he find you? If we scout ourselves?”

I nodded. “Yeah. It’s creepy sometimes.”

He waved everyone on, “Let’s go then, stick together, we don’t know what we are dealing with.”

Everyone was on high alert as we walked through the old warehouse building. We were spread out but we could still see each other as we walked. It was not hard with the space in the warehouse.

We wound up stairs approaching a room when Ant stepped out of the shadows, “Creepy thing with lots of legs spewing out more creepy things with lots of legss up in that room. I couldn’t get inside, something actually preventing that.” Ant said bewilderment clear in his voice. I’d never heard of something blocking shadows except light.

Magnus was frowning. No one looked happy. “We ready?” Alec asked.

Simon opened the door and a flood of demons came out the door. Everyone was doing their own thing, there was some coordination. Alec and Jace seemed in sync with one another. Clary and Simon seemed aware of their actions and tag teamed many of their marks. Magnus was throwing blue flames around and trying to keep them from coming through. Ant had danced into the room and was using the flaming sword and popping from shadow to shadow. Isabelle’s whip cracking around keeping the demons at a distance or wrapping around those close by.

I could see the large demon inside. I followed Ant in, the path he cleared wasn’t clear for long. There were just too many of them. “Ant.” In the two second it otoom ke to shout his name between fireballs that I was flinging around to keep the demons at bay. “Get them to stand together. Tell Magnus to protect them.”

“What are you going to do Nox?” Ant’s sword swung over my head and I ducked in time for the flames to take out another demon.

I smiled. “Gonna go super nova. Alec said I needed to vent a little.”

Ant rolled his eyes. “Boy you get me killed I’ll haunt you.”

“Can’t wait duckling. Now go.”

Ant popped around the room in shadows not warning the others as he gathered them around Magnus. They formed a circle and fought what came after them until Magnus had a blue shield around them and I grinned as I let the elements go out. I formed a ball of fire inside of my body and knew if I fed it enough it would go super critical. It could kill me. But I’d die for this. I knew I wouldn’t explode. My ability protected me just as it did when I let the fire grow around him. It was seconds. But it felt like hours as I watched the power flow and grow more powerful.

The light was bright. I felt the flames incinerate everything flesh like around me. I felt it scorch the barrier around my friends. I could feel Magnus magic weakening under the bombardment of the elements.

As quickly as it had grown. It was gone. There was nothing but the blue bubbled that winked out as I fell to the ground and the world went dark.

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