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Waking Up

I woke up in his so-called room back in Brooklyn. I saw the familiar form of Ant sitting by the door. I rolled my eyes, “No one is going to hurt me in my own bed.”

Ant turned to look at me with his dark eyes and pointed a finger at me. “You’ve been gone too long from my sight. It won’t happen again.”

I frowned. “What happened?”

Ant stood up. “You killed those things, then collapsed, the sparly one brought you here, healed you the best he could. He said he couldn’t find anything wrong with you. Though they paniced when your heart stopped beating. It happened the last time you died.”

I sighed, “So that’s what four deaths now? I hope it’s not like the 9 lives of cat.”

Ant grinned, “Better that then immortality dear one.”

“So says the immortal vampire who’s lived 8 centuries.”

I stood up and headed for the door. “You might want to stay in place for a while. Your hosts are otherwise engaged in the livingroom.” Ant said with a wry smile.

“Not surprising. They’ve been quiet for a while. I imagine it’s taken a toll on their love life.”

“And your’s I’m sure. Dorian is sane but Isabel is frantic. Not quite used to your oh I’m going to try to kill myself today.”

“Now this was not my fault. I didn’t try to kill myself? I didn’t do anything.”

Ant just grinned. “I know but that’s how it always looks Nox.”

“Where is your mage?”

Ant laughed, “Your archer friend took him to some place he called the Institue and he’s locked up under magical lock and key curtousy of the sparkly one.”

“They have names you know.”

“I am aware. Alec seems fond of you, much more so than his other male friends. Other than the sparkly one, Magnus Bane.”

I winked at Ant, “We bonded. He’s like Dorian. A bit closeted a lot shy, but he’s very into his boyfriend. And I won’t go there.”

Ant nodded, “Rules are rules after all.” Ant sighed, “Speaking of rules. I’m hungry.”

I looked at my vampire friend, “Behave yourself, we have others around.”

“You know I cannot.”

I sighed and offered Ant my wrist. He sank his fangs into my veins and I bit back the cry of pleasure that spun through my body without warning. This was what landed us in bed the first time. I thought about anything else other than Ant or Dorian.

As quickly as it began the feeling stopped. It was abrupt and Ant was licking his lips. “Fuck!”, he said. “That was worse that the first time.”

“We’ve not done that since I Ascended.”

Ant nodded, “You were far more powerful this time. I felt the immortality in your veins. As my mother would describe it anyway. Never fed on another of my kind. And you are the first of yours.”

I laughed, “Pleasure is all mine.” I stood back up, “Now I’m hungry, the boys will just have to go back to their room.”

Ant smiled, “They have already migrated that direction.”

Food was made and Alec came out scrubbing a hand through his hair. “You sure do eat alot.”

Ant answered for me. “His healing takes a toll on him, and it didn’t help I feed on him.”

“You let him feed on you? willingly?”

I shrugged. “It is rather erotic, but we kept it platonic.” I said it just to watch Alec blush. He glanced quickly at Ant then back away. “We’ve not been lovers for some time now. So don’t worry about it and he doesn’t typically like men. Feeding on me is usually done out of pure desperation. He likes his food female as he likes his sex.”

Ant laughed, “Does he always turn so red?”

Magnus choose then to join them in the kitchen, “Anytime you make an innuendo or, talk about sex.”

“I imagine he’s been near death’s door with all the blood rushing to his face with Nox around.” Ant laughed.

Magnus smiled. “He has. But your Nox has been good for him.”

“Oh he ain’t mine. I’m just the bodyguard.” Ant grinned. “I don’t want that stick like figure or the colorful hair.” He looked to Magnus, “No offense mind. But that boy is so not mine. Besides I think Iz would hurt me, if Dorian didn’t first.”

“I want to talk to that human you have in the cages at the Institute.” I said changing the topick, for which Alec looked releived.

“I’m sure I can arrange that, but you’ll have to deal with my parents.” Alec said.

“I can if you can.”

Alec nodded. “I’m used to it by now. But he can’t come with you.”

“Why not?” Ant interrupted. “If I don’t come he can’t go.”

Alec frowned, “Cathedral – holy ground.”

Ant waved his hand, “That’s nothing. Holy ground only works on vampires who beleive in the god or religion at least in our world. My mother insured I worshiped no gods. And I am not undead. My soul remains untarnished by the devil so-to-speak.”

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