Another Attack

Clary muttered to herself as she translated the Latin. She didn’t sound like she had found anything important either. I pushed the books away. “This is going to take forever.” I whined.

The door burst open and the nerd that was Simon came in waving shrieking, “We gotta go Clary, there is another attack and it’s in progress.”

The boy was wearing an Avenger’s t-shirt, at least some things remained the same, he looked at me and frowned. “Maryse said you need to stay here. She wants to talk to you – alone.” Simon smirked and Clary hit him in the arm. “Sorry, it’s never good to be alone with Maryse.”

I sighed. “Fine. I didn’t want to fight no demons anyway. Ugly bitches.”

Simon grinned and pointed at me, “I like him.”

Clary pulled Simon after her, she spoke softly, “You could pretend that Simon didn’t tell you.”

I grinned, “And get your little nerd friend in trouble. I’m game.”

Simon started snickering until he realized what I said then belted out, “Hey!”

I followed the pair out into what I’d found out to be the Armory. Alec and Jace looked up when I stepped in and Jace smiled but Alec frowned. “Um. You…”

Clary put a finger to Alec’s lips and he looked down at the little red-head. “We aren’t saying anything.”

The archer with his bow and quiver continued to frown down at her and sighed when Isabelle hooked an arm around my waist, “He’s with me.”

Simon looked from Isabelle to me then gave me that, she’s my girlfriend look and I wrapped my arm around Isabelle’s shoulders with a grin. Simon walked up to me and held up a finger. “That’s my girlfriend. She gets hurt it’s on your head.”

I grinned down at him and smiled before I reached up and ruffled his hair, “He’s so cute. You must be so proud.” I said to Isabelle.

She grinned. “I am. Though I don’t understand 80% of what he says.”

“That’s nerd for you.” Simon beamed up at me.

Jace waved at the weapons case and I shook my head. “I’m good.”

The big burly blonde frowned, “I can’t let you go without being armed.”

Alec interjected, “Would you offer Magnus a sword?”

Jace shook his head and Alec continued, “So why the frilly human shaped alien friend here? He uses magic.”

I grinned, “Frilly?”

“I figured alien might have gotten a comment.” Alec was being playful which I hadn’t seen with anyone other than Magnus around. “But you choose frilly.”

“I’m not frilly. Eccentric, colorful, enigmatic, but frilly. I’m not wearing ruffles and skirts.”

Simon guffawed, “I’d not put it past you.”

“Shush up nerd boy.” I raised a fireball with a playful grin on my face, “I can fry you like marsh-mellow in the fire.”

“S’mores sound good now.” Simon frowned, “Thanks for that!”

I laughed softly. “Don’t you have demons to fight?”

Jace pushed the weapons rack back into place and nodded. “We do – let’s go.”