I did only a little wandering before the sounds of fighting drew me towards the training room I’d passed earlier. I stood below the platform and watched Jace and a few other’s I hadn’t met yet sparring with staffs. Nothing glowed like when I had seen them fighting before.

They moved quickly but not faster than a Venatori – faster than me though. I watched as the blond moved through the other three. He was faster and smarter than they were, even outmatched as he was.

A felt a bump against my arm as the red-head stood staring up at me. “You should join them.”

“I’d get the shit kicked out of me if I didn’t cheat. They are faster and stronger than I am.” I was honest.

“I’ve seen you fight. I doubt it.” A second voice sounded from behind me, the little brunette with stalked up behind us in seven inch heels and up on to the platform. She offered me a hand like we were to dance and I rolled my eyes and took it.

She went off to the side and grabbed a staff and threw it at me. I caught it as it came into reach and took up a stance to fight the short brunette. Her name was Isabelle, I couldn’t forget that name not even if I wanted to. I smiled at her, “An Garde.”

Her laughter was musical as she started circling me and I followed her around, but I wasn’t going to play games. I struck out with the stick and she quickly moved sending my balance off as she wasn’t where she was supposed to be. “See. Fireballs and demons don’t move like you.”

“So don’t play fair.” Isabelle teased.

I tossed the stick to the side of the floor where the other weapons were housed and it rolled a little ways before stopping. I wove a ball of air and tossed it at her and she dodge easily. She abandoned her staff for her whip and I frowned but nodded. The dynamic had changed.

She unfurled the whip and the sound of it cracking in the air sent a shiver down my spine but I tossed another ball of air at her and she slashed it in two. The wipe came down close to me and with a twitch of her wrist Isabelle sent the whip my direction. I dodged out of the way with the whip curling around a bar of air that I used to block as I went under.

I threw blast of air at my opponent and she took a few steps back with the force of the wind and started trying harder. At least that was the impression I got from the look on her face.

We played cat and mouse for a good while, the entire platform had become or playground with everyone stepping to the side who was there to watch. I heard the tell-tale sound of an arrow being loosed and I turned in time to see it arcing its way towards me. I batted it out of the way with a gust of air and it landed with a peircing sound into the floor to my left.

“Hey big bro this is mine.” Isabelle shouted at Alec.

“It looks like fun.” He shot another arrow and three more followed in rapid succession and I rolled out of the way throwing a weave of air across the ground towards Isabelle and watching her fall backwards as I threw an air ball at Alec who was bounding down from his high perch. He fell backwards as the ball of air landed against his chest. I threw a wall of air behind Alec so he didn’t go over the edge of platform and he smiled in thanks as he thudded against it.

Jace laughed, “Well done.”

I shrugged. “That was fun. Venatori like their guns.”

“But not you?” Alec asked as he collected his arrows from the ground.

I shook my head. “No. Guns don’t work to well against vampires, or werewolves. Silver bullets are expensive, when I can throw a fireball and burn them alive, or slice of their heads with a razor sharp thread of air. But I try not to kill them unless I absoultely have to.”

I stood up with a slight sheen of sweat running down the side of my face. “I should probably get back to those books.”

Clary, the red-head, that was her name, she joined me in my walk towards the library, “I’ll help you. Alec said you needed help with translations. I could use the practice.”

“What you don’t know the ancient languages?” I teased.

“I’ve not been a Shadowhunter since birth like everyone else. My mom tried to keep the Shadow world hidden from me for as long as possible.” Clary spoke as if it didn’t matter now, but it had at one time.

“Parents do what is best with the resources they have.” I added.

Clary smiled, “So I’m told. But it’s over and done with. You were good with our little blueberry.”

I grinned. “Have one at home – though it’s complicated.”

The red-head smiled at me as I opened the door for her and let her pass into the library and we sat down with the books. She picked up a book in Latin and started thumbing through it slowly. I wasn’t exactly sure this was what I wanted to be doing. But it was the only way I could think of how to get home. I hoped Magnus had better luck.