The Goblin’s Notebook

AJ has been looking for a campaign manager for the DnD world she’s creating cause Dabble just isn’t cutting it for that. It is but it isn’t. AJ found The Goblin’s Notebook. She’s having fun with it. You can chain things together with relationships. There are quests and organizations, creatures and things and it’s all in markdown. And for those of you who know AJ, you know there is a big love for markdown in AJ. It’s limited on the free version, but it’s very cool. AJ likes it.

I hate to truncate my rambling, but we have another character to introduce. Miranda Elovar who is in my world, but you’ve not met her yet as Mandy. She is in some of our AUs, though not sure you’ve read any with her in it. But she’s good friends with Alex.

Real Name: Else Orlantis

Preying on the weak had always been a thing for Else. Her parents had taught her their tricks of the trade and Else’s gift of song and her enchanting voice made it all that much easier to make the marks fall for her and she could steal their money while they slept.

Else found herself far from home with a man who claimed to be from nowhere. He was handsome in a way, but it was the cool demeanor that drew her to him. Her seduction had only worked because he had wanted her to come to his bed. And when she stole his belongings, her life changed forever.

Their dalliance not only cost her her way of life but also conceived a child. One in which her now master ferried away a family to raise while she worked for him. Else now did what he said, followed his rules. And maybe one day she’d be able to see her son again.

Her current mission: return that which was stolen from him.

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