• New Way/Direction

    New Way/Direction

    As you’ve noticed AJ fell off again. We had plans, we always do. We were going to rewrite The Ascendant stuff, but AJ’s already done that so many times, and she’s on a solo tabletop role playing game kick right now that leads into the writing and we’ve yet to find that perfect place to…

  • Origin Mechanic

    Origin Mechanic

    Today, I thought I’d introduce one of our Cypher System Mechanics written for Echoes. This allows the player to customize their character with some abilities they might have from their origin. i.e.: They are a vampire, or maybe they are an elf. Or maybe they’ve lived a long time and learned a lot. It’s not…

  • A Few Decisions

    A Few Decisions

    Yesterday and last night (and early this morning) AJ made a decision or a few anyway. 2. The premise of the world is there are infinite number of planes, dimensions layered on top of the world as you know it to be in the here and now. And these dimensions can cause echoes of their…

  • If I were real!!

    If I were real!!

    Okay, so I lied. We aren’t going to be posting a new story starting Monday! AJ changed her mind — again. So typical. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t going to start a new story. We are! AJ has been all “let’s publish”. And editing and working, and writing, and stuff, yeah it’s been scattered…

  • New Story

    New Story

    AJ had glorious plans to rewrite my story. There is a problem in all that and that we’ve told it and it feels confining right now, like we are doing something wrong. So AJ kinda wants to take a step back and not make any changes to my story thus far. A reasonable effort, but…

  • Missing Compatriots

    Missing Compatriots

    The boys slept and Alushtas fell into a soft slumber himself. The women never returned. No footsteps padded across the floor in the middle of the night. The world woke with a new dawn and Alushtas was awake with the crowing of the far off rooster. 

  • Feelings…


    al’Zand was being a prick. Well not really. Just wasn’t playing along. But Rosana was easy t o manipulate — easy to toy with so she did. That was her thing after all. al’Zand was too occupied with the boy. 

  • Coincidences Be Damned

    Coincidences Be Damned

    The stars aligned. Or it was all a bunch of coincidences rolled into one. Miranda jumped up at the sight of three men walking in. The bright blue-eyed man sighed heavily as she approached, but he offered her a bag and more instruments and Miranda clapped her hands. 

  • That Simple?

    That Simple?

    The boggle spoke with the boy fluent in Sylvan. Their conversation was interesting. Why would the boy need boggle oil? And oddly enough, he looked like his father, the same shape of eyes, the pallor of his skin. It had been a while since Alushtas had seen Riva, but there was no mistaking his father’s…

  • Fate


    Fate had a way of bringing people together. I recognized the pack carried by the man at the end of the alley. He dropped our things as he picked up the gross-looking creature, but it was the way the beautiful boy pleaded with me and the other man’s voice pervading my thoughts. Here he was…

  • A Friend in Me

    A Friend in Me

    I looked at him with pleading eyes. I could feel my lip quivering. The man with the blue eyes stared back at me. “Please, don’t let him kill the boggle.”

  • Taking Help

    Taking Help

    Rosana nodded. “I’m looking for a boy about sixteen. Half elf who creates a very special elixir that apparently he brews from Boggle oil. You wouldn’t know where any boggles are?”

  • Helping Rosana

    Helping Rosana

    The red head was wary of her advances and Miranda understood. New city — new dangers. But this woman looked like she could handle herself. And after she offered to help, the woman looked at Miranda with even more caution. A devastating smile swept across Miranda’s lips and she winked with a seductive lick of…

  • Don’t Hurt It

    Don’t Hurt It

    Blue eyes stared at me. My side aches and I found it hard to breathe. Whether it was from the blow or from the intense state of the man in front of me, I didn’t know. He was beautiful.

  • Fitting Punishment

    Fitting Punishment

    The Raven Queen didn’t care about one’s misdeeds as most other gods and goddesses, but she cared about how you felt about it yourself. Never take shame in your actions. Stand proud and follow in your path no matter where it guides you. And today Alushtas’ path lie in front of a thief carrying things…

  • A Boy with a Recipe

    A Boy with a Recipe

    Rosana ordered whatever was on the special. Turned out to be some sort of stew that looked horrible, but tasted much better.

  • Cold Fire Burns

    Cold Fire Burns

    I needed to chase after my things, but I couldn’t pull myself away from those eyes. The slim face that held them looked underfed and hollow. He winced as he moved away, but he never broke my gaze. 

  • Slim Pickens

    Slim Pickens

    al’Zand hadn’t returned and Miranda was parched. She took a break, much to the house’s regret. The crowd spit and spewed words she dared not repeat — not from a lady. She scoffed in her mind.

  • Desperate Times

    Desperate Times

    I was so tired. But the thought of running out of Tranquil drove me into the city and into the disparate locations where I might find a Boggle. In my mother’s prison, Boggle’s came to me. I might not be so lucky so far from the Leech. It felt less here, but when darkness descended…

  • Catch a Theif

    Catch a Theif

    The city was fabulous. I hadn’t found who I was looking for. But then I hadn’t even bothered to stop and ask either. The sun sank in the sky. The moon rose and the feeling of home settled upon the land. It was comforting in the grays and the despair from the Leech, while only…

  • Beautiful Creatures

    Beautiful Creatures

    The thief darted into the back halls and out into the alley behind the Inn. I followed at top speed, bouncing into the walls on a sharp corner, cracking whatever weakened rot fill board I’d landed against. “Fuck!”