The Call of the DRagon

AJ is setting a goal of finishing the rewrite by the end of February. I still want to have an AU but AJ is unsatisfied with the stories I’ve presented. They are all short and sweet and no conflict. WHY? must there always be conflict?

Yeah, yeah I know. There there isn’t a story.

So I guess I’ll resign myself to finishing The Call of the Dragon. AJ’s about halfway through, so two months of rewrites and editing. We are trying to uses many of the scenes and conversations already written. And AJ’s got a timeline and it’s all part of her Dabble set up this time. And chapters do not exist — we are using the dates to separate scenes as each scene always has a title anyway.

So it’s more like the dates are parts and there is only one scene per chapter. but still AJ likes to keep them as scenes and the dates as chapters. It’s easier that way.

I might have just proposed a story AJ will write. So maybe we won’t finish the story — but we’ll see today we are doing The Call of the Dragon.

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