I don’t suppose I have much left that’s locked in the cellar of AJ’s mind. Though I do surprise us both sometimes. The reason for the big rewrite of The Call of the Dragon comes because the front of the book was romance heavy and the bottom of the book was plot heavy, so AJ’s spreading it out.

But over the course of the years and talking Alex revealed something to us. He and Kate had a kid. Which is really why he was in New York City at the time Poet contacted him.

Alex has two kids before he meets me. Both he left with their mothers because he wouldn’t be a great father being a con man and all. Though Sasha (a little boy who is the spitting image of him) wasn’t left with his mother. If you’ve read My Devastated Heart then you know what happened. (Remember the tags show it backwards)

So The Call of the Dragon and all the books that follow will need to incorporate Sasha. But also it changes the entirety of Book 2. Or at least the beginning and Alex and Nox’s stay in Colorado.

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